Zecharia Sitchin

If you’d like get a different perspective on the origins of homo sapiens on this planet, take some time and look at this guys interpretation of ancient Sumerian texts.

I don’t have an opinion one way or the other regarding the accuracy of his interpretation, but it does provide an interesting perspective on things that science still can’t explain, like the missing link.

Basically goes into how there was this planet called Niburu or something like that that came into orbit close to earth every ten thousand years or so. They were having some kind of atmospheric/environmental problems and the solution was some kind of mono atomic gold that could be processed from the earths oceans. It proved to be a very labor intensive project so they did some genetic engineering on primates here so they could do the work.

Again, not saying it’s fact or anything, just an interesting take on things.

My father-in-law’s really into that take on things. It’s difficult to say what’s what when we have really only just become sophisticated enough to begin exploring our surroundings in any great detail. Time travel may never be possible, so the distant past will always be a bit wooly - unless we find a perfectly preserved hybrid human-alien village preserved in a giant block of ice in Antarctica! :smiley:

There are definitely holes in the story that we came from Africa and spread out through the world with no ocean crossings happening though. Sharing of unique DNA exclusively between native Australasians and South Americans surely destroys that theory, but I don’t think there’s much of a “missing link” any more, if I’m not mistaken?

Although I do think getting rid of Victorian era assumptions/foundations could allow the needle to be threaded through the evidence in new and interesting ways.

To this day, no one really knows how Native Hawaiians got here. But if you look at pictures of true Native Hawaiians they do share a lot of similar features with people from Africa. I don’t think, in the time of people, it was possible to walk from Africa to Hawaii.

One thing that geneticists appear to agree on is the lack of diversity in the DNA of people compared to other species. One theory I see used to explain that is a natural disaster of some type reduced the human population to around 7000 or so breeding females in Africa about 75,000 years ago.

So whether it was aliens or a natural disaster of some type, it does appear that, genetically, something out of the ordinary happened. The alien theory might explain why we behave so much differently than other species on the planet.

How many billions of years do they say the earth has been around, and we, as a species, have been around for what, a few hundred thousand years or so. Talk about being the pimple on the ass of something.

Maybe it’s like what Smith said in The Matrix, people are a virus.

I think it’s more likely that we’ve got timelines, travel and technology mixed up and/or very wrong with natural disasters playing a part. When you look at the pre-dynastic Egyptian stonework, it’s obvious that the official story is way out there. Copper chisels used to cut perfect sheets of granite?!?! Pfft. Then there’s the clear evidence of boring tools and circular saws having been used and fittings with threads being cut into them.

I can’t find it, but there’s a piece in a museum that an engineer has looked at and tested and there are perfect threads cut into it. Exactly like a bolt, you can wrap thread around it and it continues in an unbroken line from top to bottom.

I’d love somebody to try give an explanation for these things that is compatible with hammers and copper chisels.

I was watching an interesting documentary the other day. It involved a theory someone came up with back in the 50’s I believe, about pole shifts that have occurred over the past few hundred thousand years. In one example it was pointed out that Iceland was once located at true north.

An archeologist used that data regarding the different true north locations this scientist indicated, and found that ancient structures, like the Sphinx, and other older pyramids and ancient sites that currently are not aligned to what we now know as true north, actually line up with some of the locations that the scientist cited.

In the case of the Sphinx, it lines up with a location that was cited as a past true north, but the past true north location that it lines up means it would have had to have been built over 100,000 years ago.

Not saying that’s what happened, just found it very interesting.

I prefer to take the word of respected geophysicists and geologists like Robert Schoch over Egyptologists when it comes to the age of the Sphinx. The physical evidence points towards it being much, much older than we believe it to be.

I hadn’t heard the pole shift hypothesis. I’d heard the lion headed Sphinx one with it pointing towards Leo 20,000 years ago or something.

I remember how at one time the accepted theory was that the pyramids were built using slave labor. Recent excavations proved it was a massive civil works projects.

Can’t wait to see what “accepted theory” falls next.