Your tax dollars at work!

Trump the rapist doesn’t want to pay for lawyers to defend him in yet another rape lawsuit, so he asked his lap dog Barr to step in.

Now we, the taxpayers, pay for the bill defending a rapist and a pedophile. How lovely.

You should live in some banana republic where the presumption of guilt until proven innocent is the norm, you’d fit right in, until they fit you up for something, throw you in the can and take all your stuff.

Tell me about it.

You want me to bail you out?

What are in for this time?

Not pedophelia again?!

These have really kicked up since trump became potus…

But if i was a lying dogfaced pony soldier i would probably chalk all this up to a bunch of malarkey… maybe touch its shoulders… smell its hair… wait… what was i talking about?

I rest my case.

Goddamn this world is evil

I’d like to think that most of those were in the parental kidnapping category mentioned in the article, the real crime in a lot of those cases being parental alienation and lying in family court leading to a legally backed kidnapping. There was a news story on the radio the other day about one in the UK and my kids were very confused about it… “how can a dad kidnap his own kids??”. It seems likely low hanging fruit for the authorities to chase.

It’s called parental kidnapping, if one of the parents violates the custody agreement after a divorce and takes or keeps the kids the cops will go after him or her.

It’s much more than common than you would think.

Yeah, although there are a lot of downright criminally deceitful divorces that result in really unjust custody/non-custody arrangements. Tell a few lies and your partner is banned from seeing their kids with the full backing of the biggest gang in the land - I call it “legal kidnapping” because it essentially is.

Yeah, that happens too, but I’ve been around a while, and that’s not what I’ve experienced most commonly. Mostly I’ve seen angry men who can’t assert their dominance like they once could, who take matters into their own hands.

Of course there are downright arseholes out there, but we don’t tend to read anything about the other side of the coin. There isn’t one good sex and one bad sex. If anything, if men use more direct violence whereas women use more indirect violence - which tends not even to be illegal but can be just as or more effective - see girl bullying in school vs boy bullying.

Some lawyers recommend making false accusations in divorce hearings because it’s an effective tactic, with no regard for the man involved! Any hint of anger at being accused of child molesting and having his kids legally kidnapped is evidence of his unsuitability as a father!!!

Where are the thousands of articles about this? It’s all usually the men-are-bad-m’kay garbage?

In other news.

Breaking news: Intel community finds TDS victims trying to get corona to the president via clothing… in other news, petition has begun to add a cock to the statue of liberty.