Your guide to The Great Reset/Globalization 2.0

I really like Corbett, he does his research and is careful with how he phrases things. Here’s his guerilla guide to the 0.0001%'s slave-driving fantasy:

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Yes James Corbett is excellent

The WEF fuckery continues…

Given funding two years ago for this, something with no market and no demand… until now. Just a coincidence, nothing to see here. No planning taking place whatsoever, just a bunch of people bumbling along and doing their best.

And now Digital Health Passports announced for Oz…

I’m thinking by how much that guy has been pushing this narrative that somebody has a whole skip full of dirt on him.

Maybe you’re thinking of the Victorian Premier, Dan Andrews.

The guy in the video is the acting immigration minister for Australia, Alan Tudge.

Oh yeah, it’s a different guy! It’s nice that they give the clones their own identities and different surnames. :slight_smile: