Will our glorious leaders tell us this time?

For the last media-fueled exaggerdemic, a vaccine was approved… but things didn’t go well. 1 in 16,000 recipients (or more) got very serious side effects, including life long disabilities. Some died and others won’t feel quite the same again with nobody willing to step up to take responsibility. Note the wonderful endorsement from pharm lobby Jesus, aka our saviour Dr Fauci, at the beginning of this BMJ article:

Pandemrix vaccine: why was the public not told of early warning signs?

I’ve never had a flu shot of any type. My wife gets them every season, and there was a time or two she had some side effects, but fortunately nothing serious.

I think in this case I’ll be even more hesitant to have something injected into my body that appears to be driven more by politics than science. But to each his or her own.

Not an epidemiologist or virologist, and claims that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS. But I guess you have to take whatever you can get if you want to cherrypick examples from authority to question the work of the vast majority of epidemiologists and virologists.

GSK had to pay compensation to victims here. They are guilty. Although - because it’s a vaccine - any payouts are indemnified by the government so the Company doesn’t lose any money injuring and killing people.

And that kids, is how science is done!


Nah, fuck science. Just let me know when he’s got his nobel prize for demonstrating how HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

Then I might be fucked to look further into his insights on the current issue.

Strange reference considering that you would happily argue against the man who got a Nobel prize for identifying the HIV virus, as well as other Nobel prize winners when their work disagrees with your little debunk websites.

Lol, he deserves the nobel prize he got for identifying the HIV virus, because he did actually do that, and was able to demonstrate that he was right.

Demonstrate how exactly? By writing something down and having people read it and criticize, or did he do a worldwide stage show featuring bearded ladies and elephants?