Who's taking the vaccine? And if so which one do you prefer?

Don’t fancy the new mRNA one

I have to say that I’m not too concerned about taking something that could marginally reduce cold-like symptoms:

Tomorrow’s Sunday Telegraph reports that people will be given ´Freedom Passes’ in 2021 but only if they have two negative ´Coronavirus tests’ a week! Also see the bit about passports. As the ´conspiracy theorists’ predicted our ability to go anywhere will be severely curtailed. https://t.co/nRMlNpmExN

It’s been amazing seeing the obedientsia falling into line and we have to take our hats off to the WEF and co for playing a stellar long game with all of this.

This is very concerning.

You might be interested in some of the other things William A. Haseltine has to say.

I have previously called herd immunity a “reckless and ineffective strategy”. Now that COVID-19 re-infections are not just a possibility but a reality, I would add “lethal” to my description.

“The White House is no longer even recommending that states do things to stop the spread of this virus-things that just weeks ago they were telling the states they needed to do,” Maddow said. “When it’s not just what (Trump) is saying, but what he’s doing, we have to recognize this as a huge deal.”

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Atlas himself have categorically denied that the US administration has adopted herd immunity as a strategy. But the words and actions of their boss, who continued to eschew and mock preventive measures as basic as wearing a face mask-and who tested positive for COVID-19-tell a different story. Whether you call it herd immunity or “herd mentality”, the science remains the same. With coronaviruses, such an approach is not and never should be an option.

and from the article you linked:

It is clear from these studies that the vaccines currently under trial will not be the silver bullet needed to end the pandemic. We must do all we can public health measures to control Covid-19 as China and other Asian countries have successfully done.

Factor in that Trump has personally experienced covid 19 and recovered after about a week of mild/moderate symptoms and said that his son Baron got over it “in 17 seconds”.

But now the new spiel is about “reinfections”, is this supposed to mean that neither vaccination nor prior contraction of covid 19 provides long term immunity? That would be a first to the best of my knowledge.

Don’t tell you believe that Covid is real. It’s all BULLSHIT, didn’t you know?

It’s at least as real as the Trump/Russia election rigging idea.

FIVE ‘reinfection’ cases worldwide that they claim to have proven, out of 59 million+ cases over an 8 month pandemic, just for context.

That’s a 1-in-12 million chance of getting it again, near enough…

Give who he is, I’m certainly going to consider what he has to say, be it what he has to say about the vaccine in the article Snooks provided, or the things he said in the article I provided.

It demonstrates that it’s possible. And that’s just the reinfections we know about.

The question is, how quickly does immunity weaken over time. We don’t know yet. Certainly worth considering his warning anyway.

New York City claimed 160,000 new cases over a period of 7 days which resulted in them having to shut down the schools. That’s roughly 1.3million persons being told they tested positive. roughly 13% of the entire population of NYC. That was last week, The state government said this week will be worse. They claimed worse numbers earlier this year. NYC has a population of 9.8 Million. They have never claimed to have a severe drop off of cases. I am thinking everyone in NYC has had it.
With a 99.3-99.99% chance of surviving COVID-19 depending on ones age, and a 0.00000006% chance of contracting it twice. There is absolutely no way I am getting a vaccination of Bill Gates death concoction, or Dr. Fauci’s Death concoction. I know what their great reset is and what they have been after for the past 20 years. You all can go get culled. Ill remain part of the 10%, even if I’m running.

It demonstrates that it’s possible. And that’s just the reinfections we know about.

Anything’s possible, people get the measles twice. They get measles after getting vaccinated too, but we don’t base public health policy on outliers.

The question is, how quickly does immunity weaken over time. We don’t know yet. Certainly worth considering his warning anyway.

We do know that people are protected for most of their life with T-cell immunity when it comes to other viruses. What has to be demonstrated is that this virus has somehow dodging everything we know about viruses and immunity before extraordinary claims are made. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

Well, you quoted this guy because you thought he said something worth hearing about vaccines. I’d at least consider what it is that he has to say.

What are the viruses, and how well does that information translate to the situation we’re now in? What percentage of people are protected? For how long. How quickly do you expect herd immunity, what examples would you give of that playing out?

Everything we know? T cells protect people so virus no problem, is about as deep as you’ve got into it.

This guy, who you quoted, knows a lot about the subject. Do you even know who he is? Did a basic google search and checked his wikipedia page? Even just that?

I think a little more than that is required, and that’s putting it very mildly.

I think a little bit more than nodding along to whatever the current sentence you are reading is required from you. In the article you cite, Haseltine poo poos Sweden with a turn of phrase that ignores that it has done much better than extremist lockdown countries and regions. I can imagine him being in the bad books after penning the previous article, but you are oblivious to any office politics or complexity involved in any situation. It’s… just… the… current… sentence. No… depth… or… nuance.

So the Oxford/AstraZeneca team is also reporting a miraculous headline 90% efficacy. The news readers had their chirpy “cat rescued from tree by celeb” story voices on and everything.

i thouight they were claiming 70%, but with the hope they’ll be able to get it up to 90% by adjusting the dosage?

Yes, they did two doses and two varieties of the dose quantity. When people were given a half dose first, followed by a full dose the efficacy went up to 90%.

We’ll see how confident the powers that be are about this when it’s married up to York (?) Uni’s research that shows herd immunity can be accomplished at the 45% (ish) percent mark. Considering between 25% and 50% have natural T-cell immunity already that leaves between 0% and 20% of people needing a vaccine.

Of course there’s 0% chance that they’ll “First, do no harm” and test for existing immunity. No money in that.