What do Australians think of Scott Morrison?

From what I’ve read here in the US, he seems like one of the few world leaders who is taking a fairly hard line with China.

Gotta give him a “Good on ya mate!” for that if true.

The Chinese don’t know what hit them. They have no idea how to deal with his somewhat sorta sternly worded, but not too much, statements.

ScoMo seems to doing the US bidding on that front with China, like a good lapdog. And then losing some trade to China over that, to the USA instead.


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The only thing we’ve actually really done is push for an inquiry into the handling of covid-19 in the early stages by the Chinese government.

Apart from that we’ve rather politely stated that China should respect human rights.

Guys a fuckin arsehole

No grey area there. :grin:

If I understand things correctly, the Governor General represents the Monarchy and among their duties is appointing Ambassadors and judges and is the head of the defense forces. Is that correct?

He might be doing some things right, I dunno.

But carries the can for fascists -

"Actor Pamela Anderson has lashed out at Prime Minister Scott Morrison via an open letter, saying he “trivialised” the suffering of Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and made “lewd” comments about her.

Key points:

  • Anderson said she was “disappointed” by Scott Morrison’s “unnecessary” comments
  • The former Baywatch star said Mr Morrison should throw a parade for Mr Assange
  • Mr Morrison said he had “plenty of mates who’ve asked me if they can be my special envoy to sort the issue out with Pamela Anderson”.

Anderson, a former Baywatch star, appeared on 60 Minutes Australia earlier this month, sharing details of her friendship with Mr Assange and urging Mr Morrison to “defend your friend, get Julian his passport back and take him back to Australia and be proud of him, and throw him a parade when he gets home”.

You forgot the link to the source of the article:

Nope, I simply didn’t bother. It’s been widely reported already, I just reposted the known facts.

The ABC [msm] can’t bury the facts coming from a celebrity so they simply had to report as is to maintain some credibility.

Little confused on the Pamela Anderson distraction. Are Australians looking to Pamela Anderson as a voice in their local politics?

OK then, give her props for that. Not sure about all the details surrounding all of that, but definitely support her right to speak out.

I was asking about Scott Morrison because of the similarities between the Australian and US Governments, at least from an organizational/structural standpoint.

Wanted to see if it was working any better there than it is here.

I temporarily deleted that post bc I wanted to add the quote, anyways this was it -

"Yeh why not, she’s obviously morally superior and smarter than most politicians.

She drew out Morrison’s position about Assange, he mocked Assange’s plight and deflected from the issue with his crude references to Anderson.

The recent bushfire disaster wreaked havoc in Australia but where was Morrison? Holidaying over there in Hawaii. When he eventually returned under pressure he got short shrift from victims and firefighters, many telling him to “fuck off, get fucked” etc."

Well, that kind of put my last comment out of sequence, but hopefully it won’t trip up too many people. :grinning:

Afa Assange’s “case” is concerned, if you took a referendum on the matter it would be clear that most here want Assange freed and compensated. So Morrison is not acting in the public interest, he’s the one who should be the butt of any whore jokes.

Isn’t it interesting that in governments that are supposed to be “of, for, and by” the people, doing something like that is nearly impossible. Here in Hawaii, there is no law that allows for the recall of the Governor.

It was announced today that the Director of the State Health Department here is “retiring”, along with the Director of Public Safety. They’ve both been pretty widely criticized for totally screwing up their respective departments response to all of this, but they’ll retire with their 6 figure retirement salaries and benefits, including medical, out the ass.

Lot’s of people around here organized to narc on people violating quarantine, but nobody organizing to call bullshit on that kind of stuff.

Sad how they keep getting away with that shit. Sad because we let them.

Direct democracy? Well, nobody has ever written about the dangers of that system, so it makes perfect sense that you’d think it was brilliant!

No lessons from history to be considered here.

That’s not to say that there aren’t lessons to be learnt from the history of representative democracy either, but it would be nice to see some comprehension of the upsides and downsides and the conflict between them.

iow yer precious swomp won’t dare allow Assange to debate publicly with his accusers and allow the public to decide. That’s bc your bullshit lies totally fail in a proper democratic environment. Whenever Wikileaks has been taken to court their accusers have failed every single time

You simply aren’t capable of speaking literally because you always aim for an advantage beyond what plain literal language grants you.

Your care for winning the game far outweighs whatever real care you have for Assange.

:arrow_up: More fake news

Like Assange, Chris Bollyn is a real journalist. There’s an impressive amount of detail in this report -