We are right and you are wrong, now go away

Nothing like diversity of opinion not:

WT bloviating again:
“Its not political. Whether the struggle for equality is political rather than ethical was the very nexus of misunderstanding” blah blah It’s not political because I said so blah blah

Have you noticed that place is just a long bug list? And people still using Windows 7? haha

This would not have happened if a Chosen One had been elected and Iran and Syria had been levelled by now; let’s face it, a sizeable proportion of this media agitation is all to get Chosen Ones in place again in the US of A. Look at Gabbard and Sanders having the war-mongering press turned on them, when they would have been a guaranteed winning ticket with media support!

BL suddenly won’t M again if bombs start raining down to torture Iranian babies and children to death.

The ostensible international support for the output of divisive intersectionality really is something to witness too. Intelligence agencies and corporations alike promoting it and marching under the same banner for the… benefit of all manhumankind?!?!

REAPER, the censorial, establishment, war-mongers’ DAW.


The scale of this NWO enterprise is mind boggling. What’s strange is that this iceberg is more out in the open than ever before (due to Trump), but it seems to be even harder to accept, just by virtue of its gargantuan nature.

It’s like, no one can believe a fish story where the fish is THIS damned big.

Yeah, look at the WEF announcing the long-planned Great Reset and how allegedly autonomous government policy around the world starts morphing into line, using the chaos of the coronavirus as a backdrop. There has been widescale conditioning of the population of the world going on for some time and it’s paying off in droves at the moment.

Who in their right mind believes all of this will result in distribution, rather than consolidation of wealth and power?

The new release of that recording software has the same slogan it used to. That’s a first.

In Out is sexist.

Does changing the Master/Slave thing with Reaper even go far enough? - after all COCKos means [MALE] ROOSTER who RULES THE ROOST.

Why not “Fowlos” “Chookos” “Pulletos” or “Chickenos”?

Also, what’s up with ‘Python’ code? Sounds a bit macho dominant, most English speakers are familiar with the term ‘Syphon the Python’ meaning male urination. Maybe change it to ‘Taking the Piss’ or something.

Or at least call it something like ‘Anna Conda’ which still sounds Pythonish but in an LGBTQ kinda way.

And shouldn’t there be 70 variations of the phase/polarity switch or whatever it’s called?

I doubt if we were still over at Reaperville we’d be able to discuss this topic,
likely it would have been banned as dangerous wrongthink.

Almost fortuitious we got axed BEFORE the crisis hit.

Yup, it’s possible to “problematize” practically any statement or term.

Just think were we’d be if all of the money and energy spent on this and all the other divisive crap our glorious overseers promote had been put into positive, human action instead.

This new thread lasted less than a day:

Two freethinkers were able to speak out before being silenced.

Yep, how many e.g positive urban projects could be funded with the salaries of the top earning 20 talking heads of the MSM whose nonsense is way worse than worthless and whose only real role is to protect the guilty, promote war and trouble for profit, and to blame it all on those LEAST responsible for it i.e the vast majority of American citizens.

If you censor people who would debate you, you win the debate…


I wondered where domzy went

Nice banner you got there Holmes:

Softsynth gets it wrong:

Yet another one bites the dust:

Wasn’t Softsynth in the conga line of Trump/Russia/conspiracy theorists? The main difference between THAT conspiracy theory and other prominent conspiracy theories is THAT one was proven untrue beyond any reasonable doubt.

Some other conspiracy theories such as NWO have an awful lot of hard evidence to support them. The NWO for instance has been a term actively promoted by e.g GW Bush, Kissinger and PNAC signatories.

Yet according to spin doctors anyone who presents such facts is a “flat earther”. There was no “flat earther” in the old lounge or this one ffs

Damn he was so on target there…

Yes, sonicowl is perfectly correct.

How many times have those morons said that “saying BLM is not political speech”. And yet, just try saying All Lives Matter, which is indisputably true, and look how suddenly your speech will be classified as political.

These people got nothing except their devil worshipping, child fucking child sacrificing not-so-secret cabals. This world would be a better place if THAT were actually a “conspiracy theory”, but unfortunately it’s true.

I heard Dick Cheney giving a speech overseas where he was talking about the NWO matter of factly, as if saying “the sky is blue”. But I never heard him talking like that in America.

And don’t forget Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Christiane Amanpour and the rest.

My favorite conspiracy theories are the ones that are in plain sight and documented. Like the one where Joe Biden says he never took any money from any foreign government, EVER. Or the one where Nancy Pelosi didn’t say come on down to Chinatown. Or the one where Trump didn’t ban flights from China and wasn’t called a zenophobe for doing so.

A new smear by petereater: Everyone in the Lounge is denying Covid exists now.

Funny, I don’t remember denying Covid exists.
It’s also funny which threads don’t get locked isn’t it? Free speech for thee, but certainly not for me.

Ground zero for the QAnons.


Covid deniers



Nope. Wear them if you want to.


Nope. Safe vaccines are fine, but also should be a choice.


Some perhaps. But everyone? Typical lazy, commie BS. Lump everyone you don’t want to argue with into a homogenous group, then label them. Right, Bill Ayers?

holocaust deniers

How would she know? The subject is not allowed to be debated. Therefore, no information exists upon which a conclusion can be drawn.

white supremacists

Nope. See All Lives Matter, you fucktard.

Israel haters.

No, that would be AOC and the rest of the radical left that petereater can’t wait to vote for.
OTOH, do I want to use my tax dollars to further Zionism? No, no I don’t. The Zionists have plenty of their own money, and mine too.