Washington Post settles defamation suit for unknown amount.

Stems from the the total bullshit and lies the left wing media ran with regarding the situation with the students from that Catholic school and the way the one white student was portrayed in the media.

CNN already settled the suit for an undisclosed amount, but it’s been reported they settled for an amount similar to what the Post coughed up.

Just wanted to put that out there since it probably won’t get much, if any, coverage from the media.

Wonder what else the media elites have been lying about?

LOL. “Media elites”? Like Sean and Rush and Glen etc. etc.? Only media elite I’m aware of, I wouldn’t know the editor of the WP if he stepped on my foot.

One of the essential benefits of institutions like the WP is that they are continually scrutinized and held to the highest standards and can be held accountable when they’re wrong. And so they are. And it’s a good thing, and it’s a good thing that they are doing their work. Even if they’re wrong sometimes.

“Media elites”. :laughing: Did you come up with that yourself? Or did you get it from the people -you- buy -your- lies from? Do they offer you the same level of accountability? Or any at all?

Fred, do you not think that there are a handful of people who control the vast majority of information most people receive?

I’m sure you’re aware that it has been common practice by those in power to control information going back as far as you care to look. Do you think that no longer happens?

That’s what I’m referring to when I say “media elites”. Not these talking heads you see on tv or on the internet.

Are you ok with the way the media portrayed that whole situation with that Catholic school and that kid?

A few years ago Rupert Murdoch said something along the lines of, “you’ve got to have a good reason for owning a newspaper these days, and it’s not to make money”.

Seeing as we’re on the subject of bullshit & lies, it’s probably worth pointing out that there is no evidence (that i’ve seen) to suggest that the Washington Post have settled “for” 250 million - the amount of the settlement is undisclosed with both sides bearing their own costs.

What i probably should have said is -

In the interests of clear unspun media info, it’s probably worth pointing out that the amount of the settlement is undisclosed with both sides bearing their own costs.

Granted your point Domzy about the amount.

But even if it was just 1 dollar, there still remains the fact of what they did. And this wasn’t just some isolated incident, stuff like this happens a lot now. Didn’t use to be that way.

How do any of them have any credibility anymore.

If you think it’s just “left-wing” spin in the media i guess you’ve never read the Daily Mail or The Sun in the UK.
As for “didn’t use to be this way” - i’m curious to know why you think bias in the press is a new thing?

Where did you get the $250 million figure from? Is someone saying that $250 million was paid, or did you assume that because that’s what he asked for?

They didn’t settle for $250 million. The original lawsuit was for $250 million. Who knows what they settled for. They could have settled for $1 and a correction of the story the WP. The settlement terms are confidential, so we’ll never find out.

So who actually pays, shareholders*, right?

*aka “dumbfucks”

The vast majority of US media in 2020 is owned by one of six mega-corporations,

Comcast, Disney, TimeWarner, NewsCorp, National Amusements, or Sony.

That’s how elite groups use top-down censorship to control narratives across borders,
they own it all now.

Over 80% of the UK media is also owned by 3-5 media groups.

Ol’ Rupert certainly had a major hand in the ‘tabloidisation’ of British news[papers] - the proceeds of which undoubtedly helped fund his Fox Network in the US.

His father is renowned for having petitioned the British govt to withdraw the ANZACS from the bloody stalemate at Gallipoli in WW1, which took effect soon thereafter.

Rupert is also on record as saying “Australians don’t want to become slaves to Muslims and Jews” Go figure…

I said it years ago on the other forum, people will most often opt for ‘our bastards’ over ‘their bastards’ given that they have a perception of who our/their bastards actually are.

It’s not quite that simple of course but it’s a generality truer than most imo.

No. Absolutely not. I think that that is an outdated, increasingly invalid, soon to be completely useless paradigm. Want examples? Look around. Who’s controlling either the C19 -or- BLM narrative? No one. Lots of effort, everyone’s failing miserably. I’m much more concerned with what I see as the current dominant trend, where people shop for the “information” that they -want- to receive, which of course someone provides for them, because there is money etc. to be had, which becomes to that person absolute incontrovertible truth, since it’s what they wanted to hear, and all else is “lies”, and “conspiracy”, etc. And so for instance people end up getting their medical advice from, oh FFS I’m so sick of Trump, how about Jenny fucking McCarthy. Great tits back in the day, knows fucking NOTHING about medicine. And so now kids die from measles again. Or were. Now everyone wants to believe in vaccines again. :laughing:

Who controls -your- information, T? I’ll give you a hint, in the form of a question, which I’ve already asked you, to no response: “Media elites” :laughing: You come up with that yourself, or did someone do it for you? Maybe even tell you to say that? See it on a list of “talking points” maybe…?

Oh sure. It’s happening right now. To you. See above. I mean, we basically have these discussions because we have differing viewpoints in these areas… so do you mean to imply that because of control of information, -my- viewpoint represents “those in power”? What possible credible definition of “those in power” supports that?

Yah, I know. I was kinda turning it around and making a joke about it. :grin:

Absolutely not. Review my post, I didn’t say anything remotely suggesting that in any way, to the contrary in fact. I’ll just leave it at that, although there’s a great rant there too.

Well, always a pleasure T, have a good one!

One issue there is when somebody or a group of somebodies are being divisive, highlighting and objecting to the divisiveness is not being divisive. Even though it can be spun as such, with the rough edges promoted to make it appear so too.

I updated the title since it would appear, for the first time this year, I made a mistake. :grinning:

To put things in perspective a little better Fred, keep in mind that I’m an old guy who has seen all of this before.

I spent the first 34 years of my life living with the threat of some other country dropping a nuclear bomb on my house. I bought off on all that crap then, not saying it wasn’t a threat, but now, in retrospect, I don’t think it justified the amount of blood and treasure we spent confronting it.

When the Berlin Wall came down in 89, I let myself believe that finally we could start devoting some time and effort into dealing with the problems we had here at home. But that never really happened, did it?

We replaced the Communist boogeyman with the Radical Islamist boogeyman. Clinton got his knob polished while sitting at his desk in the oval office, Gingrich never followed through on his “Contract with America”, and we spent even more blood and treasure protecting other peoples oil.

The one constant I experienced through all of that though was the decency of the vast majority of people I came into contact with during my life. That constant is still there, it’s just a shame that the wing nuts seem to get all the press these days.

Another thing to keep in mind Fred is that my yesterdays far outnumber my tomorrows. When you reach that point, you tend to look at things a lot differently than young people who have their whole lives ahead of them.

I don’t look to change anyone’s point of view on things. I just try to offer up what I have experienced in my life just as another perspective, based on what I lived, rather than what I’ve read.

Not from where im sitting… blm got a pass from the msm and corporate land… just like antifa… BLM riot/looters shot and killed a retired black cop on livestream and it got buried…

‘theres no leader so…’, ‘mostly peaceful protesters so…’…

Antifa members can stab a police horse, blm can murder, but little white kids better not wear a MAGA hat… because no one is controlling the narrative? Haha…

We cant show video footage of black on white crime because it might cause bias! Now heres another news story about a ‘karen’… brought to you by completely unbiased, free-flow informational news, controlled by no one…

That video where there’s dozens of msm talking heads reading the exact same script at the same broadcast time, not easy to find now…

Goggle [Blinkers Inc.] is way biased and the most used search engine by far. Using e.g DuckDuckGo brings many of the same results as Goggle but has way more varied results, at least on the first page or so.

This isn’t even an argument anymore but that seemingly will never stop denials about it.