US Politics

I took the liberty of creating this topic, in part, because of how a lot of topics posted here tend to devolve into us yanks bitching about our politics, of which I am guilty.

This being an election year here in the states, politics is going to dominate our public discourse with all it’s bitching and screaming at each other, and I’m sure my brothers and sisters around the world don’t share our blood lust for that kind bullshit.

If we can confine our bitching about the sad state of our politics to this topic, not only will that help keep other topics on point, but what we will begin to see is that it doesn’t matter if it’s liberal or conservative, gay or straight, white or black, Democrat or Republican, it’s all pretty equally fucked up.

We only have ourselves to blame for that.

Stay safe and God bless.

On the contrary, i think non US residents are fascinated by it

Bravo! I wish more people had that tiny little bit of intestinal fortitude it takes to just click that new topic button and post their own thoughts under their own name.

Believe her! But not that bitch… ignore her…

How come Tara Reade is ignored? She told her family, she told her neighbor, she filed a police report… but that lady with kavanaugh… with no police report, no memory of when/where… her ‘witnesses’ didnt agree with her story… but but but… believe her…

NotMeToo, DontBelieveHer… hypocritical douchebags…

So you say it take bravados to post reel name?

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It relativ, tell gangbangas what one think then be sure you give all info abut one own self.

If no rufle gangbanga fethars, no problemo? :joy:

Sure, post undar reel name, dont sey anytheng to angah mastahs, and plees use guud spelchuk n grama so traking algoze funkchan reel effishunt :wink:

Aside from the serious & distasteful nature of the allegation, i have to say i find it quite interesting the way the press want to make an issue of whether the complainant intends to vote for Biden or not - she gets tripped up either way - if she says yes then the assault maybe can’t have happened & if she says no then her allegation is politically motivated.
It seems like US voters are expected to nail their colours to the mast in a far more public fashion than elsewhere, any thoughts on that?

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I wanna know one thing … who is your proofreader?

US politics are like a circus … the root problem is that it is thoroughly corrupted by money.

  • it takes $10 million to run for Congress
  • $ billions are spent every year by lobbying groups trying to gain foothold in Congress and get an ear
  • candidates are “electable”, depending on how much money they can raise

It’s all about money money money.

Frankly if I could have things my way, I’d fucking socialize the whole thing.

  • no more political ads anywhere
  • no super PACS
  • televised debates for all eligible candidates, not just the rich asses
  • and for fuck’s sake, at least bring the voting into the 21st century, with voting by mail, enough voting booths, stop gerrymandering

With Ford, it doesnt matter if theres no police report, no people to corroborate her story… she was on the righteous side… how dare you question her motives… you are enabling a rapist… men need to shut up and step up… Trump said you can grab them by the pussy, and this was evidence that hes not fit to be president… but if your political horse is accused of actually grabbing her by the pussy, you must question her motives! The police report was just part of the long con…

As long as you are on the righteous side, you can act like nazis… just make sure you are calling your opponent a nazi while you do it. Same for sexist, same for racist. Blackface and alleged rapist in Virginia kept their seats during the metoo movement… As long as the righteousness is real in your mind you can do no harm. In this case, orangemanbad so much that who cares if biden is guilty? Orangemanbad… The DNC needs more weinstains, needs more carlos dangers, to combat the sexist orangemanbad…

i’m probably not too good at expressing myself, it wasn’t really a rep vs dem thing i was getting at - more a general query about the US political system whereby any interaction with the media seems to mean you have to plant yourself firmly in one camp or the other. I know she worked for the guy & he’s a politician but i would think that the over-riding story that people shouldn’t do bad things to each other should be enough - i think that speculating (as the article i linked did) as to whether she intends to vote for him or not is kind of messed up.

If you can turn it into a left right thing then the pedos and rapists can keep being pedos and rapists.

BTW, you say she worked for him, that article is about the neighbor that the accuser told the story to back then, she says she believed/believes her but shes still planning on voting for biden…

yes, but they make a point of saying " Reade told Vox News last month that she initially supported Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) in the presidential race and then supported Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) after she dropped out. It’s unclear who Reade plans to vote for now that Sanders has exited the race."

Ah alright. I read most of the article but it seemed to be rehashing what i had already read, so i definately skipped stuff. Going after her doesnt shock me too much though.

“I wanna know one thing … who is your proofreader?”

Meybe more likely YOU coud tell ME? :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

LOL, you’re funny.

To answer your question - if there is a question - my proofreader is my cat Bugsy (in the avatar).

She’s great.


i’m really toying with the idea of getting a cat, 'specially with the loneliness of lockdown etc. Now with you posting pictures like this, it’s tipping me over the edge. :cat:

“i’m really toying with the idea of getting a cat…”

Do you meen “get a cat” colloquailly or otharwise mean “get [obtain] a cat” litarally?

Go for it, they’re super cute. Well mine is.