US "emergency" experimentation on 12 year olds

300 kids under the age of 18 died out of a population of around 73,000,000 kids in the USA. How many of that 300 died of, rather than with, COVID and how many had no underlying health conditions? Certainly a number much, much smaller than 300. Trials have not been completed for the adult cohort yet this is being rolled out to children who aren’t a serious transmission vector and who are not at risk. No mid to long term safety data at all.


I agree. It’s fucked. There is no ethics involved here.

They are hitting at all angles to get more of the population to accept the vaccine experiment. Campaigns across all media, wiping public discussion that might have a sizable audience, censoring dissenting voices, using big and small media to counter any dissenting voices that break through, creating artificial fearmongering shortages and demands for the vaccines, paying out bonuses and gift cards for people to get vaccinated, promotional concerts and other events, pushing vaccine passports as a ‘reward’ for getting vaccinated.

At the same time, the U.S. and allies have maintained a stranglehold over materials and supplies needed to produce the vaccines. In one statement they say that this is a global pandemic and everyone needs to get vaccinated. In the next, they say that there isn’t enough to go around for everyone and push the fear that you better get their vaccines while you can. And I’m remembering last year when uptake of the initial Pfizer vaccine release wasn’t as high as they would have liked. The U.S. gov said that there was a problem with Pfizer being able to produce enough of the vaccine, only producing half of what was agreed on, and Pfizer countered with a statement that they produced what was agreed on and ordered and were able to produce whatever quantity was needed.

Yup, I hope that Average Josephine’s ears will prick up when hearing about this being rolled out to kids. It’s like we’ve been taken over by drug pushers.

Aka “the new normal”

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