Twitter Bans Bitchute Videos

More social media censorship incoming
Twitter blocks any tweets featuring Bitchute links

Possibly the ban is lifted now but with warnings to go back intervening before navigating to the linked page
No explanation from twitter, of course

Wonder if it has anything to do with all the doctored videos of the explosion in Lebanon.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant for fake news

So play the doctored video to as many people as possible? My prediction is that a bunch of people will believe that Israel was responsible for a missile attack on the site.

Exactly how does that achieve anything positive?

I personally don’t know anyone who has shares in the ME shitfight, now tell me what I’m supposed to be concerned about in the long run…

So you’re not concerned at all about people spreading doctored videos implicating Israel in the explosion in Beirut?

I guess if you don’t give a damn about whether or not people know the truth it wouldn’t concern you. You don’t, so there we go. No problem. Problems are only things you care about. No care, no problem.

Oh, so now deception, misrepresentation and fake news matters? Assuming for the sake of argument that it’s fake news then it’s just the “new normal” isn’t it? I didn’t say I don’t care, I asked what is it that I’m supposed to care about in the long run, reputations? and who makes the most egregious fake news?

Oh okay then. Guys, I can personally attest that I’ve witnessed farmers blowing out large tree stumps with only a few tablespoons of that stuff mixed with diesel poured into a drillhole in the tree and a single stick of gel ignite acting as a d_etan_ator. It’s apparently the 'jarring" that sets it off, and doesn’t take much for that to happen esp when the stuff is compacted. I had it explained to me that the stick of gel ignite by itself would barely make a mark on the tree.

My friend and I were on motorbikes watching from a distance and stayed well clear of the ute that had a few handfuls of the stuff in an ice cream container in the back. It’s so volatile that the driver, my friend’s older brother, would travel at about 3 mph between the stump sites. So it doesn’t take much of a stretch of the imagination for some kind of industrial accident having set off that explosion, esp after years of storage and compacting, and fuel driven vehicles everywhere.

[Most farms where I lived regularly used the nitrogen fertiliser brand “Urea” It was readily available from local agriculture stores]

Translation: Us and our friends dont completely control that platform… Sand in Vag syndrome intensifying…

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Dunno if temporary but appears Bitchute has bit the dust, from here at least.

It’s working now in Sydney:

Is it drumphil or dumbPhil?

Dumb pill works.

Definitely the type you would move away from in a bar.

Imagine dealing with seven or eight of these types on a daily basis and you have the old lounge, where facts mattered not, only leftist mob rule.