Tulsi gets a bill passed regarding sanctions data

Ahh, what might have been if the media weren’t so crooked and neocon

Not sure about the sanctions deal, I agree they suck, but I don’t see any other solutions being offered. If the UN did it’s job, seems to me we wouldn’t need sanctions, but fat chance of that happening.

I hope Tulsi runs for Governor here in 2022. Our current bozo is term limited, so thank God he’s out, I’m just not sure how much support Tulsi is going to get from the Democratic establishment here. The “old boy network” here in Hawaii is pretty tight.

Gabbard would have been the best president the US had seen for many decades. There’s no way on earth she would have waged war on Iran though, so clearly the powers that be couldn’t let it happen.

But but but… david duke endorsed her! The white supremacists like her… russia loves her too… they all love the hindu hawaiian girl…

Good thing the DNC, MSM and google put her in her place…

Its funny… they ban people over months and months for being white supremacists (and russian bots)… but then we have MSM tell us who david duke endorses every cycle… funny how that works…

When they say ‘we’re all in this covid fight together’ but then ramp up more sanctions in the middle of a pandemic, you know they’re completely without conscience about the outcome.

US sanctions are causing a Venezuela-type situation in Syria right now.
Some current prices from a FB friend (SP = Syrian Pounds):

40 000 - Average Monthly Salary

17 000 - 1kg red meat
1800 - 1kg rice
1600 - 1kg sugar
1500 - 9 loafs (Lebanese bread)

From this MEI article 2 months back: