Tucker Carlson Tonight isn't news

Just in case you had any doubt. Next time you watch him, keep that in mind.

Tucker Carlson, what a joke.

Ironically, only Bob believes that Tucker Carlson is the only thing on this Earth that isn’t bullshit.

Maybe not so ironically, a shared bag of these are known to be their favorite foods, respectively.

Was there not a ruling over there a few years ago that news was actually entertainment and so didn’t have an obligation to be truthful. In Florida IIRC?

Wouldn’t surprise me, in Florida.

More major false equivalences.

Fake news up the arse for decades leading to wars, death and destruction but now some relatively inconsequential ‘issue’ is pushed as important, it’s not.

I remember Carlson being scathingly critical of Trump around the time of the Syria strikes, calling it as he saw it at the time. Since then, Dem corruption is sticking out like dog’s balls, he’s no lover of that as some posters here are.

How do you know that the fake news isn’t The Fake News Leading To Wars and you’re being professionally sculpted for ‘Killary’ triggering? Seems to be working quite well so far.

Asking for a friend. [Hillary!]

Is that Tucker? They forgot the bowtie I think.

Perhaps you can point out who was drawing the equivalence, and with what?

Sometimes you’re very obtuse, phat_beetz.

Sounds hippocritical Kyd Kasters/Aimyd Bastards/Dyz Aster/Syd Masters

More dick stuff? Idea for your next group name / flag…

Tucker Carlson is one of the only US news anchors to speak out against the horrors of South Africa, including the farm murders, systemic discrimination against white’s in the job market, and economic collapse. He is also one of the few anchors that speak out against the increasing identity politics of the Left. Guys like Peter and Syd is going to miss Tucker while you gradually become the bad guy/deplorabe in the US.

Is that you & Tucker?

They cant report on it in the states… their hypocrisy would show… plus it seems we are trying to get the same outcome here…


“Tucker Carlson Tonight” was seen by 4.2 million people on Monday, making it the most-watched television program in the country that night, ahead of entertainment fare on the major networks." - June 18, 2020 :smirk:

Nobody seem to care if the victims are white people. If non-whites migrate to Europe they are “vulnerable migrants”. When white people migrate its “colonial settlers”.

And I am sorry to say Crims, but what is happening here will also unfold in the next 50 years in the US. Affirmative action, i.e job discrimination, boardroom/company ownership quotas, tender discrimination, student quotas, more taxes against intergenerational wealth, land “reform” and all round anti-white race baiting, generalisation, stereotyping will increase dramatically in the US. And “apologies” won’t work, pretending to be a goodwhite won’t work.

Yes, the world, the US in particular, has no shortage of morons. Just look at who our president currently is.

There’s “morons” , then there’s the Russia hoax believer morons which is a whole nuther level of moronic.

Interesting how you choose to view this. The figures i’ve seen show that in a country with roughly twenty thousand murders in 2019 about 65 were “farm murders” and of these farm attacks about two thirds of the victims were white.
So essentially we are talking about 40-45 white farmers being killed last year.
Seems like there might be some scaremongering going on here - obviously all murders are a terrible thing but it looks like a pretty small percentage are victims of some sort of race war, as you seem to be implying?