Trump taxes

Yay. We finally get to see what’s been trying to hide for years. Even the judges Trump appointed joined the majority opinion, which makes me hopeful that there’s at least some system of checks and balances in this country.

What are you implying?
That he does not pay his tax?
That there are some sort of corruption taking place and the IRS giving him special treatment?
How much power do you want to the DNC to have with regards to personal information?

Exactly what is it you understand this judgement to say?

It’s a split decision: the Manhattan DA can subpoena Trump’s tax records (from his accounting firm), but the House Democrats cannot. Both cases are going back to lower courts where the exact parameters of what has to be shown is probably going to stretch beyond November.

But the imporance of the ruling is, as Chief Justice Roberts wrote, that no man is above the law, including the President (though this particular President seems to think so). Roberts was appointed by Bush but in several recent cases sided with the more liberal Justices.

If Trump should release his taxes, should Biden make public all the records his friends at the University of Delaware have under lock and key?

The problem is not Trump.
He is using IRS tax legislation in a legal way.
He is probably running all of his business as companies. Thus you have to look at the tax returns of his companies, which I am sure use the IRS guidelines to pay as little tax as legally possible. In the end his income will be either income from dividends in shares owned, salaries as CEO, secretary. Thus even though his companies are worth billions it’s a separate entity and in many instances companies don’t declare dividends opting to use it to prop up capital reserves to weather storms, expansions, R&D etc.

On another note, which might seem delusional, Trump are employing thousands of people who does pay tax. Thus his endeavours does create a big tax payer base, benefiting the US, not visible to the public.


Why not??

Surely fair’s fair etc. If Trump is forced to reveal his taxes then Biden should reveal his taxes too and if Biden is forced to release his academic record then Trump should reveal his. But cherry picking what you make public about past accomplishments can be misleading.

Perhaps you are unaware Domzy, but the records I am referring to, that his “friends” at the University of Delaware have under lock and key, the state where he has been a US Senator going back forever, are the work records from his time in office as a US Senator and as Vice President of the United States.

So the tax records of a private citizen, Trump was a private citizen then, are fair game, but the work product of a public official should be locked away?


i was unaware, sorry.
i still don’t understand the equivalence?

Because I say so.

He already did that.

exactly, i was trying to point out the apples & oranges nature of the question.

Big double standard then. Fake Russiagate nothingburger inquiry gets to rake over Trump’s beeswax with a fine tooth comb but otoh Biden’s suspected Ukraine Justice Dept meddling and suspected Burisma graft hasn’t brought such an audit of Biden’s dealings even though it’s reported that Ukraine prosecutors have now levelled charges at Biden.

Maybe that’s how the dog and pony show choreography runs, big fancy investigation where there’s nothing to be found, but avoid investigations where there is actual guilt, and hope there’s enough sheep left to believe that the justice system works.

I’ve often wondered why some people choose to take such a narrow view of things.

I sometimes think it’s the situational ethic that allows some people to criticize the behavior of those they oppose while at the same time accepting the same behavior from those they support.

But then again it may the fear of dealing with the fact that those they support are just as fucked up as those they oppose.

Can you explain this? Obviously if Biden’s been up to no good then he should be held accountable - surely as his opponent this would be in Trump’s best interests? Doesn’t the president have the clout or the influence to initiate an investigation?

Trump already did, remember? They [fake] impeached him for it.

So he doesn’t have the power to launch an investigation into Biden?
Does that mean anyone can get up to dodgy dealings & then claim that they’re going to run for president - knowing that they can’t be investigated because that might be seen as trying to influence the outcome of an election? Sounds pretty suspect to me.
Or is it that he tried to get the Ukrainians to investigate rather than the Americans?