Titania McGrath: Intersectional Feminist Icon

Thanks for one of the best laughs I’ve had in quite awhile.

No worries, I loved it too. She plays the role brilliantly.

Very good, except I then got caught in the YouTube void of watching Andrew doyle interviews, then Steven Fry, then Christopher Hitchens, then Peter Ustinov
It was great :slight_smile:

Stephen Fry is always a joy to listen to. I’ve been watching Triggernometry lately. It’s good seeing more and more left leaning people ridiculing the intersectional infiltration of the left which is making them unelectable in places and putting them on very shaky foundations in others.

i’ve never heard of intersectional feminism before, what sort of people should i be googling in order that i might be able to get the jokes in the video you posted?

It’s more of a pastiche of privileged champagne socialists (I’m a fiscally conservative communist so I don’t mean the ‘s’ word as an insult) getting to play at being oppressed or at being saviours, as the mood takes them of an eve. The ideology that powers this strange ability to be an oppressed multi-millionaire living between Chelsea and the south of France is a deep rabbit hole.

For a nice intro, here’s an interesting discussion between a religious man who knows practically nothing about it, a professor and a mathematician/physicist, both atheists, who successfully - along with another academic - “cracked the code” of the pseudosciences known as gender/fat/queer/race studies:

cheers, i’m actually looking at some of that triggernometry you mentioned atm.

They seem like good guys, frustrated like I am with the direction the Labour party has taken. Who would have thought that the tories would become the party of the working class?!?!?

hmmm, i’m not sure i’m with you on that yet

I mean in terms of the swing of votes in the last election and that there seems to be momentum. They aren’t as stifled by PC self-censorship either, Philip Davies MP speaks out about men’s issues but he’d get murdered as he slept, with the assailant getting off with it if they claimed it was because of years of unproven abuse, if he was on the opposition benches.

i wouldn’t disagree that more “working class” are voting tory, but i just need to try and not read the comments on youtube and listen to what these two are actually saying before i can say if i agree with you or not. i don’t think their supporters are doing them many favours and the vids i’ve watched them speaking in have not convinced me yet.

They don’t like the comments section either! They just have some interesting guest who are typically not what you’d get on mainstream media because of PC pressure, so worth having a view. I don’t agree with them or their guests on everything either.

Have a watch at the “Trojan Horse” video with Boghossian and Lindsay, that’s more of a direct analysis of the issue.

yeah, interesting, cheers.


Snooks and Domzy;

The two parties you mention, Tory and Labour, and they kind of like our Democrats and Republicans, where you have the Democrats talk about more government socials justice issues and Republicans talk less government and more business related stuff.

And, by any chance, are they like our Democrats and Republicans, that in spite of what they say, they’re all pretty much full of shit?

I think there are parallels, yes. The Conservatives (Tories) are traditionally the party of the rich who believe in low taxes, a free market, less benefits for the under-privileged etc.
Labour have historically been in favour of higher taxes, state controlled businesses, welfare for the poor etc.
However as the electorate have got richer Labour had to move more towards the Conservatives to become “New Labour” in order to become electable (Tony Blair) and that kind of split the party to where they have had basically no chance of winning the last few elections as i’m not sure anyone really knows what they stand for anymore.
Brexit has massively shaken everything up though - the splits between pro & anti Brexit have not been on party lines so UK politics is a bit of a mess.
With regards to being full of shit, it depends what you mean, i think that both parties are reasonably honest in terms of trying to uphold their commitments / promises.

Yeah, those are the standard left/right choices like there is in the USA (although there are more parties, who get a few seats each). The right in the UK is more like the Democrats in the US though, there are some who would like to end national health care, but these things are generally accepted as being part of a balanced society by all parties.

On the full of shit thing, it was meant more what I see here about the Democrats and Republicans talk a good story, but when it comes down to it, they all do pretty much the same stuff.

Republicans bitch about big government and deficit spending, yet they expand government and spend like drunk sailors. Democrats talk about being the champions of the disadvantaged, but I see a lot of disadvantaged people living in some pretty bad circumstances in areas where the Democrats have run things for years.

Understand that my attitude about a lot of this stuff is shaped by me being a child of the Cold War. I bought into all that bullshit back then. I’d look around at the problems we had because we had to spend tons of money and get the people all worked up about someone on the other side of the planet dropping a nuclear bomb on my house.

Finally, all that wasn’t a problem anymore but did we take any of that money we spent on all that crap and spend it on the problems here at home? Doesn’t look like it.

Also keep in mind that I’m just as full of shit as the next guy as well. :grinning:

What kind of voter turnout do you guys typically get where you live?

They have gone to shit alright. I wasn’t with them on their new ‘woke identity politics’ style and fuck knows if Corbyn’s socialist economics would work or not, but at least he had principles, was anti-neocon largely and stood up for Palestine, which was a first.

But then he capitulated to the Israel lobby on that antisemitism declaration bullshit, he also caved to the remainers and let them paint the working class northerners as dumb racists, similar to the US midwestern states. And you end up with the crazy situation of the Tory’s representing the working class there now, hilarious.

And now you have a pro-zionist in charge Starmer who also has a jewish wife, so no chance Palestine will ever get a fair shake again. Labour will never recover from this capitulation to totally over-hyped anti-semitism.

If I was in England and a Labour spruiker rocked up to my door telling me Labour is the answer, I would pretty much laugh in their face and ask why they are with them. Like the US, Canada. Australia, NZ etc, their 2 party system needs to be burnt down and something better started. Not likely I know.