The 'UK Strain' of Covid

This looks worth discussing
In Oz, we just got our first ‘national hotspot lockdown’ because of one lone case linked to the ‘faster transmitting’ UK strain
I found this recent video @ the twitter link below interesting

Video - graph comparison of ICU admissions:
A screenshot:

The argument made against the rise in COVID-19 ICU cases being offset by the reduction in stroke and other admissions might be incorrect because those patients are typically put in specialist wards that are not ICUs. There must be an increase in critical care beds available or the last 9 months has been an exercise in demonstrating ineptitude so where patients are assigned is separate from any overall increase in numbers.

So the offset argument must remain valid.

I had a look the other day and the alleged 70,000 COVID deaths in the UK translated to around 10,000 more all-cause deaths than 2018, more if we compare to 2019 but this is supposed to be an unprecedented situation and not something that is a standard bump up or down in figures.

Remembering of course that the NHS was effectively shut down and remains at limited capacity, which cost an unknown number of lives. How many thousands is the question.

It’s up to 78,500 now, and climbing.

78,508 deaths within 28 days of a positive test, 82,624 with covid-19 on the death certificate.

And that’s with lockdown measures in place. I hate to think what happens to the numbers if everyone just gets about like normal. At a certain point, the covid-19 cases overwhelm the system to the point where you also see a larger spike in excess deaths unrelated to covid-19

Sweden didn’t have any lockdowns and is doing much better than the UK, including Scotland which has a similar population density. So without lockdowns it’s reasonable to assume that things could very well be better.

Telling people to:

  • lock themselves indoors, breathing, farting and sweating over each other
  • only seek medical contact if symptoms get to a stage where they need hospitalisation
  • accept COVID patients into their care homes

… all while shutting down and continuing to shackle healthcare systems as well as terrorizing people and decimating the economy is a recipe for fucking disaster.

Keep patting yourself on the head for living in a country that doesn’t really get affected by respiratory viruses with 1,000 deaths from flu in a bad year compared to 30,000 or whatever the UK has. Have a think once more about how the ratio for COVID is around the same. Quelle surprise!

Also, notice that we are know summing the figures from 2 separate virus seasons. Something that is not done with the flu.

Sweden reported 1400 coronavirus fatalities in the past month, according to the Financial Times, more than a dozen times the number in Norway and Finland, which have half the country’s 10.2 million population.

That pushed total deaths in Sweden last month to 8088 – more than 10 per cent above the norm for November and the highest toll for that month in more than 100 years.

Sweden ought to be outperforming other Nordic countries: only two-thirds of its population live in a big city and almost half of Swedes live alone. But its 14-day cumulative number of 738.8 cases per 100,000 people is now the fifth-highest in Europe.

Norway’s comparative figure is 99, Finland’s is 112 and Denmark is on a more wobbly 523.7, but with a far lower death rate.

Norway and Denmark aren’t particularly tropical.

Excess deaths from other things haven’t spiked in the UK. It’s mostly the covid. Deaths track well with case numbers, so can you explain exactly how less people will die if you get rid of the lockdown? How do you imagine that working? Have a massive spike in cases, but somehow make sure that no one vulnerable gets it so you don’t have a massive spike in deaths?

Turns out to be really really hard to achieve. No one has managed to pull that off yet, without controlling it in the larger community. No one who has largely let it go in the larger community has achieved herd immunity yet.

In Australia, keeping it from escaping quarantine centers for travelers has proved to be tricky. We’ve stamped it out with more localized lockdowns when that happens, but it’s still tricky to stay on top of.

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The biggest problem seems to be,
questioning the narrative doesn’t get transparent and logical answers, mostly deflection, labelling and shaming

The Ministry Of Truth is in active mode now and is censoring off-script covid debate, amongst other things
and we know their history of previous lies, and creating controlled opposition to run interference

Here’s a good example
This host is quoting recent data showing all-cause-deaths in the UK is much lower now than the previous wave
Her guest starts replying about faked moon landings

That guy was putting his foot in it left, right and centre! :slight_smile: Right from the get go with “5,000 tests… erm COVID cases” or whatever he said.

All-cause death really is the only sensible measure since deaths can almost be attributed to COVID-19 at will with a 40+ cycle PCR test. The 75,000 UK COVID deaths suddenly disappear, being replaced with a much smaller number that could be 100% the result of a heathcare system that serves close to 80,000,000 people being shut down and thus far permanently limited. I’m more than willing to concede that some of this otherwise fairly typical bump up in deaths is down to COVID though.

How many lives does the NHS save each year for the £150bn budget? 100,000? How many are continuing to be lost because of the shutdown?

Are the PCR tests done differently in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or Australia?

Where did all the false positives go in the countries with less cases and deaths?

Is Norway deliberately understating their death rate in order to trick people into thinking that covid-19 isn’t so much of a problem?

What about us here in Australia? Where are all our false positives?

Are false positive PCR results only a problem where the number are high?

Are the PCR tests done differently in the UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, or Australia?

Of course they are. Cycles, quantity of testing, reasons for testing. As an exercise I’ll let you come up with potential answers for the rest of your questions.

In other words you don’t have a clue how similar or different the procedures are.

Odd though, isn’t it, that Sweden, the country you use as an example of getting things right, manages infection rates so much higher than their neighbors.

So it’s the Swede’s exaggerating the numbers?

If Sweden’s neighbors are exaggerating in order to bring in draconian lockdowns, then why aren’t they showing high infections rates relative to Sweden?

I’m not going over the big bang til present with you again, you have a brain like a sieve. Show me that you can recall some of what we’ve discussed in the past.

What a wuss out. Like you’ve ever quantified the difference between the PCR testing procedures in those different countries, or explained logical incongruities between the motivations and results.

This is just Buzzword bingo. Amplification cycles, Bill Gates, Hydroxychloroquine, Soros, Heard Immunity… Anything that isn’t something that makes it reasonable for someone else to be able to tell you that you have to do something.

Whatever makes you feel better, you’ve demonstrated a consistent inability to absorb information which you could refute by launching off previous conversations instead of starting at the beginning in every thread.

Drumphil get the fuckin Vaccine mate and do us a favour

And what are you going to do when I’ve taken it and I’m still here and in good health?