The Plugin (and other relevant) Sale Thread

Any VST / VSTi / AU / relevant standalone sale happening? Post 'em here (if you like)!

Yeah, I go first! :smiley:

Voxengo 15% off purchases and upgrades from July -> August:

Ooorrr you can get 25% off Voxengo at Pluginboutique. :grin:

Pluginboutique is insane. They’ve always got something. Now get Izotope Iris 2 (their SOTA hybrid sampling wavetable spectral etc. synth) for $10.

Nice! I think I bought Novaltech Character there for a ridiculous price coming to think of it. :slight_smile:

Waves is guess what? Yup, having a sale. This one seems to be extra sale-y, thinking about the PRS amp models for $35, don’t remember ever seeing them quite that cheap. Man I have severe misgivings about letting Waves into my life, but the PRS amp models are maybe the only instance where I have to say, well my existing setup just doesn’t do that, as the PRS does feedback modeling. Not aware of any other sim that does that.

Anyway. Yah. that. :stuck_out_tongue: