The Plugin (and other relevant) Sale Thread

Any VST / VSTi / AU / relevant standalone sale happening? Post 'em here (if you like)!

Yeah, I go first! :smiley:

Voxengo 15% off purchases and upgrades from July -> August:

Ooorrr you can get 25% off Voxengo at Pluginboutique. :grin:

Pluginboutique is insane. They’ve always got something. Now get Izotope Iris 2 (their SOTA hybrid sampling wavetable spectral etc. synth) for $10.

Nice! I think I bought Novaltech Character there for a ridiculous price coming to think of it. :slight_smile:

Waves is guess what? Yup, having a sale. This one seems to be extra sale-y, thinking about the PRS amp models for $35, don’t remember ever seeing them quite that cheap. Man I have severe misgivings about letting Waves into my life, but the PRS amp models are maybe the only instance where I have to say, well my existing setup just doesn’t do that, as the PRS does feedback modeling. Not aware of any other sim that does that.

Anyway. Yah. that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pluginboutique is at it again, buy anything, plenty of $5 items available, and get your choice of the izotope elements packages; Ozone, Neutron, or Nectar.

I’ve been looking for a modern hyper-gain amp sim option. As it happened, the Joey Sturgis sims are on sale for $20 from $120ish, so I got the Toneforge Misha Mansoor. This is a very interesting, unique plugin, wide range of tones while focused on modern ultra gain, soooo much gain. Worth a look if you’re into that kinda thing.

Its on sale for free dollars… ‘WEM Copicat IC400 “Belt Drive” tape delay unit from the late seventies’

If the thread is ruined because you dont have to pay, give an email address or create an account, i can edit it :grinning: He starts having some fun with it @ ~1:05