The Great Reset

What do you make of this?

I’ll give it a watch, I see it’s on too (fuck YouTube, wherever possible):

I skipped along through it. It seems like gathering momentum for the ol’ OWG. Getting youth roped in and melding the environment and COVID panics together to create urgency. Second round of predicted bailouts to kickstart “The Great Reset”, anyone?

Very interesting, I am going to check it out.

Listening to billionaires talking about how we should “reset” the world gives me a real warm fuzzy feeling. They really have our best interests at heart. I was especially charmed by BP’s CEO promising that by 2050 BP will be a net zero company. How delightful. Almost makes me forget about that little oil spill couple of years ago.

The World Economic Forum is an annual convention for the world’s richest and most powerful, hosted in Davos, Switzerland, where they discuss how to make the world a better place.