Syria Election

One here for the neocons to complain about the jihadis not being able to vote :smiley:

Assad wins the presidential election with 95.1% of the vote

Voter turnout was around 78%, with more than 14 million Syrians taking part (worldometers has the Syrian population at 17.8M).

Many of the estimated 1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon also made the effort to vote.

After he killed everyone who voted against him.

That is how you win elections.

Lesson learned from Putin and Hitler.

Looks like he’s just as popular amongst Lebanon’s Syrian refugees
Didn’t need to kill them

Even the CIA admitted most Syrians support Assad

A lot of people do support Assad, but only candidates with support from the Ba’ath party can run, and strong regional opposition to Assad can have consequences.

It’s not compulsory voting, but they still got way way above US turnout and support.

So the mass support for Assad is real.

They don’t have to be B’aath Party candidates, that’s bs
just meet the constitutional requirements

The quote from that image:

“The requirement for candidates to be backed by 35 members of parliament gives power to the ruling National Progressive Front, which dominates the assembly”

There are only 16 members of the People’s Assembly of Syria who aren’t members of the Ba’ath party.


" These minor parties are legally required to accept the leadership of the Ba’ath Party. The non-Ba’athist parties in the Progressive Front, for example, are not allowed to canvass for supporters in the army or the student body which are “reserved exclusively for the Ba’ath.”

It’s pretty much set up to be able to claim a democratic process, while still actually holding all the power.

EDIT: There are actually are actually 67 independents, so it is technically possible to meet the 35 supporters requirement.

They have legalized a few non Ba’ath parties, but not many.

Officials said privately that authorities had organised large rallies in recent days to encourage voting, and the security apparatus that underpins Assad’s Alawite minority-dominated rule had instructed state employees to vote.

“We have been told we have to go to the polls or bear responsibility for not voting,” said Jafaar, a government employee in Latakia who gave his first name only, also fearing reprisals.

Lol, western propaganda. As if anyone is afraid of Assad’s fine upstanding and totally non partisan security forces.

When aggressive fakewartime leaders gain popularity in the West it’s normal, when actual defensive wartime leaders inspire solidarity in countries on the menu it’s a conspiracy.

And of course Biden’s top ten is mere coincidence.

Good for him. Middle finger to you know who

Most people in the U.S. are not associated with either head of the big party and therefore are largely locked out of the electoral system (as are many third party and independent candidates), even if they wanted to vote, and even if the whole thing weren’t a sham of democracy. Seeing U.S. citizens cry about elections in other countries is awfully rich considering the bs that goes on right here at home to keep elections as narrowed and locked down as possible, as well as rigged.

Anyway, good on Syria and allies for fighting off another imperial conquest.

Syrian election ballot:

  1. Assad
  2. Assad
  3. Bullet in your head

You forgot:

  1. Coup

Funny how when the jihadis took over Aleppo,

all the people fleeing ran to the govt side :smiley:

Gotta give the Syrian people some credit
most stayed to fight the jihadis rather than leave the country
Guess they prefer a secular society to ISIS-ville

The Young Turks getting a due slap in the face on Syria for being the shills that they are.

It would be really great if this were the beginning of the end of TYT. Money sucking losers. :poodle:

Again and again and agaaaaaiiiiiiin…

Here’s a picture from the video you were flogging on the old lounge forum, citing it as evidence of a chemical bomb dropped from a plane. The article you posted just now still claiming Assad suspected of the chemical attack.

But the cracks emanating from the crater feature holes WHICH EXACTLY RESEMBLE DRILLHOLES. I can’t think of a single reason for such holes to be there ‘after the fact’. However there’s EVERY reason for them to be there as a result of the crater being constructed by ground crew.