SaNOtize - "disinfectant" based covid cure

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Sounds encouraging. They’re applying for emergency approval to bring it to market, so we’ll know soon enough.

Trials are already underway elsewhere looking at directly introducing nitric oxide into the lungs of covid patients. The difference with this approach is that it can be used outside of a hospital setting.

Sounds like a hideous idea. Of course the robots will love it.

Eh? The results from the trials look promising. I won’t get too excited until the trial data has been published publicly, and results from the field demonstrate it’s effectiveness. Assuming they’ve done the trials well, and aren’t just exaggerating to generate interest in their business, it looks like it could be useful.

Time will tell.

Assuming all of that, it’s fortunate that Trump didn’t suggest this particular disinfectant or there would be an international smear campaign launched against it. There’s still of course room for smear campaigns and staged trials where it’s given to people with death rattles to demonstrate ineffectiveness.

Of course considering that it’s not an out of patent generic medicine and so is potentially highly profitable, there will be an enormous pot of money potentially available to defend it from such attacks. Might be projected to be profitable enough to reject generous buyout offers from Pfizer etc.

Nitric oxide is cheap and readily available. It’s already used for other things.

The Canadian government gave Sanotize $400,000 to help fund their trial of it as a covid treatment.

SaNOtize has an issued patent for its Nitric Oxide Releasing Solution (NORSTM).

I’d be surprised if that makes it an expensive medication.

Highly profitable does not mean expensive.

Also, cases where it has already got into the lungs could be treated using the same methods used now, not involving a solution to make it practical to produce as a nasal spray.

Trump was ranting vaguely about stuff he no clue about.

Different delivery mechanisms involving different formulations exist for many things.

That is true, but:

In severe COVID-19 ARDS with hypoxemia despite optimizing ventilation and other rescue strategies, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) is the final therapeutic option [1]. However, given the high running cost, limited number of devices, and the skilled medical staff required to perform ECMO, inhaled NO, which is relatively of low cost and readily available, may be a promising interventional therapy for patients with severe COVID-19 ARDS. Because inhaled NO has been extensively applied to treat pulmonary hypertension, ARDS, and other respiratory diseases with a relatively good safety profile, we advocate for a clinical trial exploring the use of inhaled NO for the management of COVID-19 ARDS to be conducted as a matter of urgency.

Trials are underway.

Frankly, if it does or doesn’t work is the most important thing, and the answers to that aren’t found in ideological debate about the weaknesses of capitalism and the pharma industry.

There are clearly non-medical issues with an effective OUTPATIENT treatment becoming available. Whether something works or not is actually not the primary driving force precisely because of capitalism and power structures such as the pharm industry.

Well, let us know when you’ve solved the human problem. It will be nice in paradise with perfect people.

Lets hope this works then, better than some of the other ideas that were hyped on the basis of them being out of patent miracles that the drug companies don’t want you to know about. An amazing amount of bullshit uses that as a marketing tactic.

One magic trick doctors (or whoever) don’t want you to know about.

At least I acknowledge it, you seem to live in a zoo filled with comfort unicorns.

Lol, I know how the world works, but that doesn’t get you closer to knowing what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t know that it works.

Yeah, but that’s just because big pharma doesn’t want to research things that don’t make them money.

Yeah, but even if that is true, you still don’t know that it works without the research being done!

Someone may actually do it, but until they do, you don’t know.

Well the only way to check if an outpatient treatment for covid works is to spray it on skeletons and see if they reanimate. Trials are underway.



Whatever you do, don’t get too specific or clear.