Same shit, different day.

Like the sticky liquid that oozes from a hole in the garbage bag, it just keeps coming:

What a bunch of racists.
I hope these people get what they want and are then forced to live with it.

BTW, this forum won’t send me an email to log in and it says it will.

Wow Hughes, I just checked out that thread on Reaper. It’s not only mega cringe, but mega bizarre.
You can’t save that people, they are to ignorant and naive.

I have to say that I don’t have strong feelings on specifically preserving the master/slave term. Or changing it. I’m against the slippery slope it makes available to ideologues.

I am definitely against the cultural appropriation of the concept of slavery toward it meaning the relatively small slice of the history of slavery representing the transatlantic slave trade. It was horrific, but this US-centric focus marginalizes the historic oppression of an incalculable amount of people of virtually all races throughout time by people of virtually all races.

The human race is shitty, not white people, and think it’s weird expecting the descendants of serfdom/servitude/slavery to take a knee for other descendants of slavery because of the actions of some cherry-picked rich arseholes from the past.

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Don’t get carried away JHuges, it’s much ado about nothing.

It’s not really, the precedent it sets means that words that somebody says causes offence are deemed “problematic” and, with any logical consistency or consistency in concern for various groups, must be removed from application. Remember that in the quasi-religious doctrine of intersectionality that fuels this, an -ism isn’t just hate speech or action against a group, any alleged differential in power - as defined by intersectionals of course - must first be taken into account.

You can’t be racist against white people and you can’t be sexist against men. Agree/disagree on that one statement?

Remember also that if you disagree with this, you are often hilariously put in a box of being a right-winger, a nazi, a white supremacist, somebody exhibiting misogyny or - the best one - “internalized patriarchy”. If you don’t know you are a nazi, you have unconscious nazi-ism.

Denial is an admission of guilt. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

So while master/slave when taken in isolation might seem fine and dandy to change, none of this is happening in isolation. Are male/female connectors hateful against transpeople or are an otherwise heteronormative form of hate speech against the LGBTQIA community? Why should it not be changed if somebody claims this?

We were somewhat lucky in New Zealand that the Pakeha (European) arrived here last, were more enlightened by this time and had largely forgone the slaughter and slavery that the Americas experienced.

OTOH Maori had been practicing slavery for centuries on defeated tribes and it could be pretty brutal.

There’s sparse first hand accounts of slavery pre-European settlers, but the description of the Chatham Islands invasion in 1835 gives a horrific account of slavery NZ style.

We even had a few white slaves in NZ.

Also as my Hong Kong -born colleague reminded me, the Chinese who built much of the US railroads were economic slaves akin to Filipinos in Saudi Arabia, ie their passports were taken away from them so they could not leave.

Very interesting, I’d heard of the Moriori through a old Kiwi mate. I remember reading about a reverend in New Zealand seeing a young girl sipping the fat from a severed human hand, which was apparently a delicacy over there (might still be for the occasional traditionalist). Brutal times.

There’s a very interesting and nuanced history lurking beneath the cartoonish view of the world promoted by certain ideologues. Well, they say they are all about nuance, yet they unironically paint white people and men as essentially homogenous groups, outside of their allowed divisions of course. It’s almost as if they believe that the Big Bang and the Mayflower bumping into North America occurred at precisely the same time.

Go to joogle and search Irish slaves. You will be confronted with pages of articles by the usual disinfo agitprop brigades telling you how there was no such thing. haha

OK, what they want you to believe is that the British did not sell Irish families as slaves for one tenth the price of Africans. And the slave trade was not run by Africans selling slaves to Arabs and Jews, it was whites taking slaves and selling to other whites… And white people are not responsible for ending slavery as it existed. And slavery does not continue in Somalia and other muslim countries. And white women are not kidnapped and sold into the international sex trade as the most desirable merchandise. And the mafia was run only by Italians. And white people run the porno business. And white people run the international banking cartels. And white people run the Federal Reserve. And Jared Kushner is white. And BLM is a grass roots movement, just like ANTIFA.

haha Any other fairy tales you’d like to hear my children?

I’m pretty sure I saw Kenny and Justin handing out bricks, while Jerry was doing his part shitting into a zip lock baggie.

Funny how the most clueless virtue signalers are in fact the biggest racists. But if YOU are innocent, and totally color blind, then it is in fact YOU who are the racist.

Seen a few statues toppled recently for being part of the slave trade

When are they coming for George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Both slavers apparently

I was thinking we should just replace them all with musical icons,
but eventually they would all be toppled too
cause the western music system is inherently racist
and gives you cancer

The psyops seem to one-upping each preceding one

Climate Change was a pretty good one, 12 years to go before everybody dies

dropped for Pandemic #1, billions will die this year

now dropped for BLM International Riots and the Take-The-Knee Cult

Surely it’s an asteroid or the Tribulation next?

Aliens might be an anti-climax at this point

Unless its World-Ender

More violence is all that remains. Vote for Hillary and the violence will magically go poof!

Oh wait, I can’t say poof, it might offend some faggot like Nicholas.

Come on, there’s no need for that. It must be terrible growing up wanting to bone a bunch of guys who’d beat you up if you dared even mention it. The expenditure on rohypnol and duck tape alone must be horrendous.

Facts and figures LMAO, as though the rabid mob would differentiate you, the SJW, from the rest of the deplorables.

It’s interesting that intersectional discourse is “immature” when it’s swimming against the tide.

The aim is to de- individualize you and instead of seeing you, they see and speak about your ethnic baggage. That is the concept of inherited, inter generational guilt as a cornerstone of the neo social justice movement.

“What about the Tasmanian black war”
“It’s the Maoris and Aboriginal land”
“What about the Indian genocide”
“What about the Aztec genocide”
“What about Apartheid”
“What about African slavery”
“What about Hiroshima”
“What about the Holocaust”