Russia sponsored hackers launch cyberattacks

More international terrorism by Russia.

Can’t wait what the Kremlin has to say about this, but it probably won’t take long. My prediction is that we will get an official response by the Kremlin within the next hour.

Maybe Russia did it with Iran? Or maybe not…

Peter still expects all the sheep to be part of the neocon echochamber.

It’s down to 2 or 3 now at least
If it wasn’t for Peter, I wouldn’t know what the CIA Times wants me to think

These cyber attacks have been telegraphed for a while as the ‘next big thing’ by the World Economic Forum
They’re following the Israel Doctrine,
accuse others of what you yourself are doing

I’m guessing they’ll be pushing this more and more until we get the big one they promise
Then some more censorship and rights removal in the name of safety

Brave new world…

I should have made clear that there’s no sheep posting on this site atm, there’s just proper guys effectively resisting a couple of nwo shills.


Peter knows that the Reaper Lounge is ground zero for Kremlin bots, anti-semitics, vaxxers, flat earthers.

I’m disappointed in you guys though.

You haven’t mentioned Gates yet, or Rothschild, or 5G.

C’mon guys. You’re slacking. You gotta use those words.

Putin has quite rightly ruled out mandatory vax [vax passports] Putin’s admin is resistant to foreign takeover, and you pretend to wonder why he’s so popular worldwide.

And you’re saying Rothschild banking empire is no big deal, right?

No, I’m saying that you’re a Putin ass kissing anti-semite.

In the name of X is the key. People are generally anti-war until the propaganda is rolled out, then suddenly they support bombing babies. Against Stasi-like control unless propaganda tells then it’s to keep them safe.

The next round is going to be interesting, what additional crap will people accept in the name of the climate emergency? Will lockdowns be given credit for the effects of the grand solar minimum with the censorship apparatus being put in place at the moment being redeployed to suit?

@peter5992, @drumphil: what are the lines in the sand you guys have where you’d start objecting to censorship and control or any other measures?

Isn’t everyone who doesn’t support your beloved neocon cabal.

I’ll guess they don’t have any, as long as it’s a liberal govt/big tech that implements it.

Same with the wars they look away on.

I really don’t know what to think about it all any more, the last 15 months have been a revelation and explain a lot of what went on in previous years with people falling for virtually any lie that suited the war machine.

The stuff that Snowden and William Binney revealed concerns me far more than foreign cyber attacks. And isn’t it ironic that Snowden had to flee to Russia to escape U.S. ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’. It is also more concerning to me that the U.S. and allies are likely instigating cyber attacks.

White privilege been holding people down apparently, other demographic group taking up their rightful position must be a miracle !

Thin yourselves lucky you don’t live in Russia, or worse, Belarus.

The US and the western world in general has it’s problems, but there, people like Snowden simply disappear, and the sort of talk that goes on in this forum could get us all in trouble.

What talk exactly.

LOL :rofl:

Snowden had to flee the country to avoid being jailed for whistleblowing
Assange has been jailed for how long now for the same service
How many people involved with Clinton have died suspiciously?

Yeah lucky they weren’t in Russia…

Yup, as if it’s Belorusians and Russians persecuting any of us, we know who is.

Good ol’ Vice. The trying so hard to be hip while appearing objective propaganda outlet. Context motherfuckers. Nothing atrocious in the world happens without it, which is much more often than not, external influence. Vice loves to ignore context. And funny thing how U.S. gov and big business (and their propaganda outlets) are always overly concerned with what is going on in other countries but not so much with what is going on at home.

Lol, so lets hear your story of dissidents in those countries.