Robert f Kennedy speaks in Berlin

Thanks for posting Bob. He pretty much nails it.

Maybe redirect all that fear to the real problem, those pathologically wired to covet power and control.

Yes nothing at all reported in the mainstream media about him here in Nazi Covid-19 Deutschland

I saw that the media were reporting a crowd of “thousands” when it was more like 500,000+ too. I think they have overplayed their hand massively on that one since that number of people have millions of friends and they all know the media is full of shit now.

Well, if you’re going to live in fantasy land, you may as well go big!

Half a million? Sure there were.

Suffice to say that you believe it was “thousands”, or whatever the headlines tell you to think. Let’s say it was half a dozen nazis if that makes you happy and try not to look at the aerial photographs or you might need nursey to soothe you.

I don’t see how crowd size affects the message.

I’m under what basically amounts to house arrest because local officials are using fear to cover for their decades of incompetence, mismanagement, greed, and corruption.

Just scale that up to the global level, exact same thing.

The media has had a tendency to downplay the size of the demonstrations, as well as describing the attendants as all sorts of inaccurate insults. It’s part of the “controlling disinformation during the pandemic for the Greater Good” strategy they all appear to be on board with.

Carefully selected nutty attendees are interviewed, pictures of sparsely populated areas are published… that kind of thing. Publishing really big turnout numbers would undo all of that.