REAPER v6.13 - more politics and censorship

Another objection to another branded release, met with a barrage of insults as usual:

(I see the thread has been deleted)

Give us the qrd… and next time toss the link into or :neutral_face:

Im going to recommend they remove Mute… because its offensive to the mouth hole challenged…

I can give an RD, dunno about the Q. :slight_smile:

Long term, low post count user says the devs are more than entitled to their own political views, but forcing them on customers is wrong and he can’t financially support them. Particularly as it’s funding a terrorist organization.

Queue “bye then”, “racist” etc. Insults in one direction only, from the allegedly enlightened as per usual. Reasonable conversation otherwise. Can’t remember OP’s username to check if he’s been banned for wrongthink.

Since all BLM donations go directly to the Democrat party, all is well.

But yeah, terrorist.

Either the “conservatives” in government are collecting data for the “big bust”, or they’re letting this happen. I say it’s the latter.

I’ve read that funding is funneled through another org that has some ties to domestic terrorism. You have to admit that creating riots like this costs and disrupts a lot more than standard domestic terrorist tactics like detonating bombs after a warning. It doesn’t seem to meet near uniform disapproval either.

Thanks for the rd… seemed pretty q imo

Rough times ahead… criticizing BLM is racist… but also…

“The Jewish community must demand an accounting for the May 30 rampage that left up to eight Jewish institutions scarred with offensive graffiti and many businesses vandalized.”

“Why are American Jews refusing to stand up for themselves? Either they are afraid to speak up, or they are unaware of the danger, or they are part of the problem. ”

Woah woah woah… theyre mostly peaceful… dont be racist! If youre against Bee EL Em it must be because youre racist…

Since jews are “white”, they are in a quandary. “Are we the most persecuted minority in history”, or “are we the most racist white people in history”.

Tough nut.

Oh, by the way:

My fellow white people… stop being the root of all thats evil… :innocent:

“Nobody has the right to try and make Jews, or any other Middle Eastern people, feel they “need” to fit into the “neat” Western categories of religion and race. Nobody has the right to force Jews into identifying as white people when they are clearly not.”

Now watch my “need” to fit european’s (who fought and slaughtered each other over and over for centuries) into “neat” categories of religion and race… to lay blame to all of them based on their skin color…