REAPER v6.12 changes break compatibility

There’s a workaround, but there has to be more to come since “master” is everywhere in the program and it was problematic enough to change to both Leader and Transmitter, depending on what part of the app you are using.

All in support - ultimately, after peeling back a layer or two - of a sexist and racist intersectional ideology that is dividing the world. Nice.

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Wow. We can probably expect more of this in the days to come.:man_facepalming::woman_facepalming:

It’s all worth it though, it’s not as if intersectional journals will happily publish sections from Mein Kampf (this is just a link to a newspaper article about it), and everything is completely innocent and rosy with no over-arching agenda of non-niceness towards any one group of people at all.

I notice that somebody else got banned after being hit with a barrage of accusations of racism. It seems as if the supposedly enlightened continue to be deeply intolerant to opposition.

Let the support requests, script breakages and confusion continue!

Very disappointing that their minds have been captured by this ideological nonsense, it’s like a cult driven by fear and the exploitation of empathy

Yeah, I think the majority of people who go along with it support the promoted gist of it, oblivious to or ignoring the fact that something sinister lurks underneath. It’s resulting in the psychological abuse of children, far too many of whom have already been physically, sexually and emotionally abused.

It’s possible to pseudo plausibly argue e.g that Aussies should have a resentment against the English, but that’s not the case at all and is a ridiculous premise.

The reality is that generally the English are noted here for their administrative skill and fair treatment of others that’s helped everyone. For just one example English railway engineers were prominent in the distribution of goods to and from outlying areas. Affordable English made machinery especially back in the day made a lot of labouring occupations worth the fight.

Whatever mistakes were and are made, most people inc [local and state] authority have honestly tried to do the right thing by everyone.

Of course there’s notable exceptions but I don’t know anyone whose family had slaves.

I’m composed of way more than the recommended amount of Irish btw even for an Australian :joy:

Yeah, people are generally good and there’s a largely equal distribution of wankers between all countries, races and sexes. There were slave traders from Egypt, West Africa, Portugal, North Africa etc but they were a tiny percentage of the overall population and blaming everybody in the respective countries for the actions of the few is actually fecking racist itself.

The working class English never owned a slave or shares in a voyage so blaming them is like blaming the working class for bankers recklessly gambling and needing bailed out. Get on your knees and apologize, serfs! Jeez.

Same with Oz, a bunch of working class people convicted on trumped up charges and sent to populate territory aren’t to blame for the actions of some Hooray Henrys. Yup, all this shit does is divide the working classes up into little groups to pit against each other.

Oh god Did they change master too? I joked that it had to go when it was going to be master-follow as master had echoes of power structures… the usual bollocks… and you telling me it’s leader?

I haven’t updated due to lockdown sucking all my daw mojo away (it’s building back up thankfully)…

BLM is not good - a nakedly political entity who’s aim is to get rid of trump (according to cofounder) and on the way ruin … lots of things ! See below|690x272

Yeah, not all references… yet. Just VCA Master/Slave changed to Lead/Follow and Transient Driven Auto-Pan Master/Slave to Transmitter/Receiver. Once the word has been accepted as being problematic though… all references have to go.

Transient is homelessaphobic

Noted sir, the word has henceforth been duly problematized as is only good and proper.

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You realize that I can say the same thing about all of you?

You could, but what ideology? The ideology of objecting to child abuse? Read the Times of Israel article I linked to up above (the Mein Kampf gender studies hoax). Now that’s an ideology.

Or don’t read that or listen to the original authors speak at length and with very fine detail about precisely what happened. You could just go and read some biased rebuttal about it that misses every salient point (and lies/misdirects re others eg by focusing on falsifying data (of fecking dog humping, the important point) for one article of many) and rest easy.

the master and slave in a technical setting has been there harming noone until one side changed it yesterday, for a worthless virtue token.

knee jerk virtue token flexes to appease the mob, by every corporation big and small within days of each other… Worryingly Culty…

Who are you to decide it hurt “no one”?

The bottom line with all your right wing nuts is that you think, if it doesn’t offend you, it’s not offensive.

Easy tiger, this place is probably more balanced than you think. I’m a hardcore left winger and don’t recognize the infiltrated corporate trainwreck of the current left or the ineffectual, right-wing-sponsored “revolutionaries” as aiding the left wing and the working classes at all.

When the media unite and intelligence agencies in countries are incorporating aspects of an ideology into their strategies, it’s not because they are nice people working towards nice things. It’s not because poor people are steering them… finally… phew… power to the people! Yay!

This shit is designed to be fecking divisive. Divide and conquer. Oh no, that was then… nobody does that any more…

But how would it be divisive if REAPER removed master/slave from groups and everyone was OK with it? You don’t need to get upset about something that doesn’t affect you?

All of you? Just because I’m in this forum doesn’t mean you know anything about me or my worldview, you’re taking a very low-resolution us vs. them approach that doesn’t reflect reality

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saying that you aren’t “right wing” and stating that you are “hardcore left wing”, isn’t that being divisive? Wanting to ally yourself with one faction while rejecting another, with presumably the aim of conquering - ie changing things so they fit with your personal agenda - isn’t this what everyone does to some extent?
Saying something often enough & loudly enough doesn’t necessarily make it absolutely true, though you’re probably able to persuade a fair number of people that it is?