Procrastinator's anon [prt 2 The Resurrection]

The old thread got locked over at the Reaper forum.

Sabotaged by a ‘community dispersal’ operative I suspect. They brought in hard drug paraphenalia to lower the tone by association, low act.

There’s a “What are you recording right now” thread here which is cool but this is slightly different.

Anyways, anyone up for pledging a timeframe for a finished project? The way the thread worked was simply pledge a deadline in which to finish a project. iow it serves as a self motivating device.

Ima claim to finish two tracks by the New Year or sooner.

Thanks to foxasteria at the old thread, and sorry about what happened there but I accept no personal blame whatsoever.

I believe that the promotional paraphenalia of hard drugs should NOT be allowed. They should have banned the cnut rather than close the thread. Dude calls his youtube channel “smack salad”. [Where’s the infamous Youtube cancel culture in this instance…?] He made an album of synth music within the space of a couple of weeks, edited from a series of jams, then put the video in the thread with the cover art featuring a hypodermic syringe, and abused me for “disrespecting” him when I called him out over it, followed by him saying it’s a thread about helping people “get things done” You see the implication of that, right?

For anyone interested, the old thread is in the Recording Technologies and Techniques sub-forum at the Reaper forums site.

Wow, that was a really great thread, that’s a damn shame it’s gone. So you don’t feel you had -any- “personal responsibility” for that, huh? And so you’ll be reviewing all content here and starting pissing matches if anything offends you?

I think I have personally lost my fervor for most things recording. It eats alot of time, of which I feel very short on these days and have for a while. I have gotten into playing guitar alot more (improvising mostly), and tinkering with amp stuffs. And I haven’t played drums in a good while now. My drums are setup at my brother’s house where I rarely get over to. And my drummer buddy skipped town for more interesting things. I intended to get a band on the stove this year, but Covid, work, and other issues made that impractical.

All respect for you guys who can pull it all together and get things done for producing some finished recordings. That seems like such a monumental endeavor to me these days.

So you’re for promoting illegal hard drugs too, huh?

Hey there BW. I figure that playing a lot of guitar is a good thing, you’ll amass lots of material that you’re on top of and can optionally record then without so much delays and yes, procrastination.

We’re not talking about “anything”, Mr Disingenuous.That’s the ONLY issue I had with anyone in that thread. So why don’t you fkn piss off right now and stop defending drug pushers.

Nonsense. Strawman etc.

Why don’t -you- take some “personal responsibility” for yourself and go over to Reaperland and apologize and try to get fox’s thread unlocked?

Why don’t YOU take some personal responsibility and STFU. Nothing was being done to stop the promotion of hard drugs in that thread. I took some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY along with another forum member in challenging that violation.

Foxasteria is welcome here along with anyone else who’s not doing such an unconscionable thing as open hard drug promotion. Also of course he can start another thread there.

calling it “the promotion of hard drugs” is stretching it a bit.
i think most people wouldn’t have noticed until you drew attention to it.
Obviously you are entitled to voice concerns if you feel affronted, but i think you could have made your case in a slightly more diplomatic manner.

More nonsense. You know what you did, or you wouldn’t be doing this, and it wouldn’t be necessary. And isn’t this the kind of thing you disdain as “virtue signaling” when people you disagree with do it?

:laughing: Oh I imagine I’ll be bored of this soon enough, but not quite yet, and certainly not because you tell me to.

:laughing: And nothing was done there, and nothing is being done now. What do you imagine you’ve done, other than get fox’s thread shut down (although of course you take no responsibility for that)? If anything, you make me want to take drugs.

Why don’t you get over to the Reaper forum and protest about the non moderating against the open hard drug promotion that led to the thread being locked.

Why are you here stalking me about it. Not a word from you about the guy promoting hard drugs on the forum. You’re full of it. Do you figure I should have been banned for opposing illegal drug promotion? And the guy doing the promotion gets to stay? Well?

Cockos didn’t think it a good idea to ban me. Why do think that is “Fred”? Hint for the morally challenged - FOR ONE THING, IT’S NOT IN THEIR INTEREST TO BAN SOMEONE FOR PROTESTING AGAINST THE PROMOTION OF HARD DRUGS.

Seems “Fred” wants to normalise the acceptance of hard drug promotion whilst minimising any dissent against it.

Anyone reading that thread can note that it was the other guy upping the ante with ad homs and insults. I’d been politely registering my concerns about the issue.

Fox can start another can’t he? If the drug promotion starts again I’ll protest against it again, then a decision will have to be made about a course of action, bringing it to a head. If I were to get banned for instance [I’m not saying they would surely do that] I would wear that like a badge of honour.

You keep calling it “promotion” - when does referencing or mentioning something become “promoting”?

I’d be curious to see your music / film / etc. collection - i hope you apply the same criteria to all the art you encounter.

You’re not paying attention. The guy doubled down in defence of that graphic and was arguing that he was showing how to “get things done”

Only a moron can’t or won’t acknowledge what’s wrong with that.

Hard cheese domzy, no such egregious stuff in any of my songs or cover art.

I’ve got I think two tracks still posted in the “What are you recording now” thread. You’ll be sadly disappointed trying to find something you can spin.

I rarely watch film or tv. I posted my protest about the Cuties film in the thread about it here.

that’s not what it looks like to me

i’ll have to take your word on that, i had you down as the sort of guy who might have been into some beatles, hendrix, floyd, velevet underground, blues, rock, jazz, house etc
but if you say you wouldn’t countenance any of that i’ll have to believe you, i guess.

They were his own words, right in the middle of attacking me over my anti drug paraphenalia stance he called me disrespectful for my position in a thread about how to “get things done” If you can’t put 2 and 2 together or you need to pretend you can’t then that’s up to you.

i think that when i put two and two together in this case, i am coming much closer to four than you are.

[Phone won’t quote]
You [domzy] said
“i’ll have to take your word on that, i had you down as the sort of guy who might have been into some beatles, hendrix, floyd, velevet underground, blues, rock, jazz, house etc
but if you say you wouldn’t countenance any of that i’ll have to believe you, i guess.”

Sleazy stuff domzy, I’ve never done anything but advise against the use of hard drugs, neither have I praised anyone, famous or not, for using them. Take your fishing expedition to the old Reaper lounge, I’ve got over 8000 posts there, you won’t find even one instance of any such thing, I guarantee you that.