police brutality

this is so outrageous, i made the mistake of watching the video. Extremely upsetting.

“Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress. Officers called for an ambulance…”

People do tend to suffer ‘medical distress’ when you are choking/stabbing/dismembering them. Miraculously, the cure is to stop doing that.

yeah, and he’s lying on the floor, in handcuffs, clearly in distress, with the cop kneeling on his neck and the cop is shouting at him to get in the car.
err… ok…how does that work?

Damned if you do move, damned if you don’t move.

Minneapolis is also the same place where a white woman who reported a burglar was shot and killed by a black police officer while he was sitting in his patrol car.

What you need to keep in mind domzy is here in the US, blacks make up about 13 to 15% of the population but account for over 30% of all violent crime. But you can’t talk about that for fear of being labeled a racist.

Not justifying what happened in the video, just saying that when you consider the above fact, and the numbers of blacks being arrested as a result of that, the number of cases like you posted here become very insignificant.

Again, not justifying anything, just trying to add some context.

why are you bringing race into it?

i don’t think there’s anything insignificant about a police officer deliberately & unnecessarily kneeling on a man’s neck.
You obviously think it’s insignificant because the victim is black?
And then you justify that by linking an unrelated case where a black officer shoots a white woman?
Do you not realise how this makes you come across?

It’s not about race, it’s about context and facts.

You see a short clip like this and you think how terrible it is, which it is, but then, as with everything else, you don’t look at the big picture.

Did you know that the leading cause of death among young black men in America is being murdered by other young black men?

No one wants to talk about that, but if you look at the carnage and suffering caused by crime within the black community, it’s heartbreaking. But again, you can’t talk about that. Mostly because a big chunk of that suffering is going on in areas that have been controlled by the Democrats for years.

Are you seriously doing this? If it’s not about race why are you bringing it up?
How big a picture are we looking at? What context & facts are acceptable to you?

Did you know that black people were enslaved by whites in your country for hundreds of years?
Did you know that racial segregation was legal until less than 60 years ago?

I think some people want to talk about the lasting effect this has had, the denial of equal opportunities in education, employment, housing etc. but it seems like people like yourself don’t want to have that discussion, they’d rather blame the victims of this discrimination.

Eric Garner all over again. Remember him?

This case has nothing to do with black on black violence – just look at the video. Why on earth did the one cop keep his knee on the suspect’s neck, when he was already in handcuffs?

Africas biggest news app Opera News is bringing race into it unfortunately. Every single day I encounter “whitey bad” stuff.



Anyway, sorry for the victim and his loved ones. The restraining methods of the US police needs an overhaul.

The USA has issues, remember the conspiracy theory believed by apparent low IQ idiots who don’t believe the NYT that the CIA were flooding black neighbourhoods with crack? Big advertising campaigns “you get addicted with one hit!” (erm, no you don’t but cocaine addiction is psychological and suggestion is effective) on TV etc. Yet another Not A Conspiracy (but only after the damage was done already), quelle surprise!

Those areas are still suffering as a result of all of that abuse and urban poverty + drugs + consumer frenzy culture + limited social safety net = high crime. I wonder how apparently racially weighted police brutality looks when adjusted for these factors?

Crime would drop immensely if people have a stable roof over their head, food on the table and minds that are pleasantly occupied, no matter their employment status.

Probably worth noting that while Opera News is one of the most popular “news” apps - it is essentially a clickbait site where pretty much anyone can post stories & get paid for them.

Cops are fired. That’s probably not the end of this story.

So sad and completely preventable.

A few police forces in the states do training with the Israeli IDF now. They totally dehumanize the suspect. My niece in law went over and trained with a NY squad, I googled them and found they were also trained by the Israelis. And no, I don’t know if this force does, but it’s the same kind of mindset, no empathy or compassion., just a target.
Heaps of white people get killed by cops too in the states, they don’t get much coverage though mostly unless they’re squeaky clean like the Aussie woman. Nobody cares about trailer trash in the media.

Petition to demand justice for George Floyd.

And they act like people shouldn’t be afraid of police, getting nervous around them, fleeing from them. The fuckers kill and injure alot of people.