'Philanthropic' corporations embedding themselves in modern higher education

Julianne Romanello on ‘philanthropic’ corporations embedding themselves in modern higher education

All these connected corporations using similar language, to transform education for the 21st century

The P20 Pipeline is an interesting phrase, funneling students as a commodity from Pre-school to PhD

Privacy and data mining concerns[edit]

Under the Obama Administration, over 1 billion dollars has been spent in developing databases designed for improving the educational system, including P-20 longitudinal data systems. Although these databases contain extensive personally identifiable information, much of this information is “not kept in a format that allows officials to easily extract the complete file on any one child.”[3] As of June 2014, parents concerned about student privacy and data mining of student information have begun to organize opposition at the state level:

“We don’t know what they’re tracking and we don’t know what the implications are going to be for these children in the future … Going for jobs in the future, trying to get into college — we’re in uncharted territory and we just don’t know the implication it’s going to have for the children. We need to slow down.”[3]

One thing we know for certain, none of this will accrue to the benefit of you, your children, or society.

So because the billionaire involved in transforming the Tulsa education system was jewish,
and the venture capital orgs involved were from Israel,

She was accused of being antisemitic. :smiley:
The usual playbook.