Origin of SARS-CoV-2, WHO finds no evidence of Wuhan lab leak

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The jump from an animal to a human also sounds very unlikely.

A relevant point is the lack of evidence for the isolation of SARS-CoV-2, as mentioned by Dr. Sam Bailey here at 2 minutes 17 seconds:

And the Isolat Truth Fund which she mentioned in the video:

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I like the pregnancy test analogy from Dr Bailey, 100% of women would be “pregnant” at all times if the sensitivity of the tests were increased. Well, suffering from a case of pregnancy as much as the average positive PCR testee suffers from a case of COVID-19.

What’s the situation with analysis of samples from before late 2019? Have samples from the year 2000 or 1984 been tested using the model that’s being used to proclaim SC2 positivity? Is it all negative before late 2019 or has that work not been done?

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Russell Brand, stirring the question on origin.

Jimmy Dore pushing toward the origin being the Wuhan Lab.

The wet market hypothesis has very shaky evidence supporting it, was it that the first case’s parents went to a wet market or something?

It’s good that the director of the CDC during the pandemic has left and can now speak his mind freely(ish). Of course the timing of it with the WEF’s rabid drooling for their own Pearl Harbour and with the strangely prescient Event 201, the clear follow up question is who enabled the releasing of it? Certainly those organising conferences demonstrating how f-ing fantastic it would be for “stakeholders” if it happened are guilty of inciting a pandemic.

I guess you guys have probably heard about the Fauci emails. My niece mentioned this the other day.

What’s interesting is for the last year it was banned talk,
the Duran had to use code like ‘Dr F’ or the video was taken down
a mass social media wide deplatforming

Suddenly it’s allowed now by the Zuccbot, you can talk about Fauci
Even the mainstream media are reporting on Fauci now

Very suspicious Gates and Fauci are being thrown under the bus suddenly,