North / South USA relationship in 2020?

The sense that I get from over here on the civilized side of the pond is that there’s a fair amount of looking down at the South going on over there. Want an idiot? Slap a southern accent on him.

There seems to be parallels to be drawn with Scotland or Ireland there. Defeated in battle, gradually (or dramatically) depopulated and seen - by some and by no means all - almost like colonies that should be grateful for what could be seen as a paternal relationship and who, ultimately, aren’t “quite like us”.

What’s the reality on the ground over there?

You have surmised correctly.
The south is the least racist part of the US, but that fact doesn’t lend itself to the divide and conquer strategy.

That’s “good” I hadn’t completely misread things. I think all of this could be some kind of classism, the forgotten -ism. I came across this piece while looking for North/South issues:

The original article has other references.

Still an idiot?


I live in South Carolina. Our schools are still segregated. That’s right. We have white schools and black schools.

But we did remove a statue of a racist. So we’re getting better.

Just what the south doesn’t need, another racist yankee, moving from his own shithole to create one somewhere else. Tell me, did ActBlue tell you where to move?

And since you’re here, (hopefully not for long), tell Democrats to allow school choice with vouchers. Oh yeah, your communist union buddies don’t like that. Keep 'em where you want 'em racist.

I just read about this and that’s a stretch of the word ‘segregated’ since the new definition is explained in the following article. A school is segregated if it has at least 90% white or 90% minority students.

So a school with 23% black, 23% hispanic, 22% native american, 22% asian and 10% white students would be segregated under that definition.

Across South Carolina, 171 schools, more than 14% in the state, are attended by student populations at least 90% minority or 90% white, review by The Greenville News has found. That’s actually a rate that’s lower than across the nation, where more than 18% of public schools enrolled 90% or more minority students in 2016, according to a report from researchers at UCLA.

So South Carolina is doing ‘better’ than everywhere else, on average. Come on, less than 15% of schools happening to have that 90% cutoff definition fulfilled isn’t “our schools are still segregated”. That’s just what I’d expect to see in countries where there is non-homogenous ethnic distribution?

That’s because blacks choose to live by blacks, and so they go to school together. You got a problem with that?

I have an original idea…forced busing! That’ll work great!
Another idea: throw money at the problem! Raise taxes! Hire more teachers! Give every child a computer! Yay!

haha Beautiful! But don’t confuse the classist, racist bigot with facts. He’s so fucking proud of being a new yorker that for some reason he doesn’t live there any more.

Damn, he went for a visit and then stayed.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m talking about the city of Charleston. Every school in the city is black. ALL black. Even though some of the richest homes are in the city filled with white people. The white people don’t want to go to schools with the black kids so they bus them out of the city to the white schools in James Island or Mount Pleasant. I live here and work with students in the projects. They go to an all black school because white kids don’t want to go their schools. Even though, those are their schools.

No. It’s because black children live in the projects and white children choose to go further away to avoid them.

You’re an idiot. I live and teach here.

I’ll get back to this later. Thanks for clarifying that you weren’t referring to South Carolina as a whole.

Charleston compared to South Carolina as a whole is very similar to comparing NYC to New York as a whole.

What you’re describing is basic human nature, yes people from the north tend to look down on people from the south, but it works both ways, people from the south tend to have negative impressions of people from the north. Same applies to your example about Scotland and Ireland, it’s human nature to be suspicious, or feel threatened by those who are not “one of us”. We are tribal by nature.

Problems arise when we let our supposed leaders use that human failing to their advantage.

I would just say for now that the phenomenon you describe of more well-off parents sending their kids to schools in better areas when their catchment includes rough areas is pretty universal and usually nothing to do with race.

I’ve never been to the South so I can’t tell from personal experience, but there is definitely a distinction between the East Coast and the West Coast which tend to be more liberal versus the South of the mid West (which tend to be more conservative). People sometimes refer to the mid West as “fly over States”, States that you necessarily fly over when going from East to West but you would never actually visit, God forbid.

That’s a dumb generalization, just looking at Calfornia there are large parts in mid California that are staunchly Republican and conservative, but of course the Bay Area is a liberal bastion.

Historically of course as you probably know it all goes back to the civil law and the slavery etc.

Interesting in the Netherlands where I was born and lived most of my life there’s a similar disdain from people living in the West (Randstad) to look down upon anyone living below the ‘big rivers’ (Brabant, where I was born) or Limburg. And that is a tiny county, but I suppose that “us versus them” groupthinking is a basic human psychological thing.

The Southerners I met in the US I found to be very courteous and friendly, much more so than many people from the Bay Area.

These are all stereotypes, for example New Yorkers (I mean people from NYC, not the State) have the reputation for being in your face and somewhat rude, but I find them to be more honest and having less of that ‘passive aggressive’ attitude that you often find in the Bay Area.

Just my $0.02.

One of the things on my bucket list is to do a big cross country US trip and visit all States. That’ll have to wait a while. I’ll be glad when I can get away to Lake Tahoe.

So what? You’re just as bigoted as you ever were, having learned nothing.

You never answer a question. Replies are always ad hominum. You’re a troll, but not smart enough to be entertaining or clever. Just banging the same note, over and over.

You said you were from new york, so you know that all new yorkers hate trump. What a tool.

Now, about that vaunted new york studio career…

But it has everything to do with race. The schools in Charleston are brand new, fully funded and beautiful buildings. Sure. Some of them go to private schools but most of them are going to schools that are equal or sometimes lesser schools in general. It’s race. They don’t want to go to school with black children.

Do you imagine a world where your opinion has any power beyond your lips?

Do you have anyone in your life that cares about you?

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