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A little thread dedicated to anything cancelled, redefined or censored
In the spirit of this:

Bevo, that is an interesting change in definition.

I would wage a bet that most people don’t really know anything much about vaccines at all, including doctors and pharmacists. I have talked to some of the latter about vaccines, and they seem to only regurgitate talking points that they read on CNN, not even having read the inserts that come with any of the vaccines. There has been a wall of misinformation around vaccines for so long, put up by big pharma, government agencies such as CDC, and big media. You have to be suspicious of it all to even begin to look at it and start to piece things together. And if your job depends on being agreeable and not making any noise, you can’t afford to be suspicious of it all.

Interesting to me is that the vaccine market is dependent upon government agencies enforcing parents to have their children vaccinated as a requirement for attending schools and enforcing healthcare facilities to have their employees vaccinated as a requirement for employment. Else, the vaccine market would collapse.

The purging continues

Happening to real leftists as well, fyi for any of our resident liberals

Purging Palestine again

Twitter is ‘fluctuating’ members not purging… :smiley:

I would say that censorship played a major role in the lead up to the recent big event and that these new rounds of heavy censorship are going to again play a major role in another backlash. It looks already like it’s going to be an interesting year.

Oh, the massive irony. Our new pres defending the media.

Parler is gone from the app store and now, from the internet

Oh, Amazon are doing it now. That’s the thing about “the cloud” - it’s just somebody else’s computer. It’s good that Parler prepared for that, I can imagine there are many companies who have hard-coded their infrastructure to rely on cloud services from the big boys.

I do take issue with them using the term “bare metal” to describe what’s probably Docker images of node.js code running on Linux VMs. :slight_smile:

Press TV just got deleted from Facebook.

Mozilla joins the MOT

I wonder how they define “factual voices” in the post-truth, postmodern world they inhabit. It’s a fact that women have penises. It is a fact that glaciers are sexist. It is a fact that Saddam had WMDs.

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Mozilla’s Rust rewrote their manual using feminine pronouns, because “30 years of patriachy in computing”
That was a red flag there
Maybe Brave should replace Firefox as Ubuntu’s default browser install

Mozilla and Wikipedia have enormous revenue that they spend on all sorts of political vanity projects. How much does it cost to develop an open source browser? They say they are losing money on $450m revenue and are joined at the hip with Google so I don’t know why Linux distros are happy with them. Maybe move out of Silicon Valley with the crazy rent and crazy salaries if you’re an open source org!

But yeah, the corrupted ideological waffling/“science” of gender studies really has led otherwise well-meaning people astray as they follow the crowd. I mean it can’t be that an entire discipline is fundamentally corrupt - peer review would have caught that. :roll_eyes:

Unless you were given access to a covertly acquired set of Covid 19 vaccine documentation which includes actualy test reports, in fields reports, and emails between doctors and the manufactures.

I will only say that as much as they are saying about the vasccines, trhey arent saying it all and they have no fucking idea THE END RESULT of what the vaccine is going to do to people. Doctors arent all cheery about this either and theres a lot of arm twisting.

mRna is causing a lot of sujects to have liver damage. They are unaware what the injecting mRNA into cells and how its affecting DNA, first observations are that cells are abnormally declining and not the active Covid or manipulated Covid, but other sells.
causing some to become crippled.

This is all I have from the documents I have seen.
legit papers with letterheads not bullshit fake stuff. I am getting this stuffr to show amy mother who is of age where she is worried and not sure about the truth of the whole thing. Just getting things to educate ourselves.

There is Brave, Dissenter, and Tor for secure browsing.

Thanks, I’ve never heard of Dissenter, I’ve used the other two though.

edit: oh, maybe I had heard of it - I remember something being able to leave comments on every web page so it was probably that unless there’s something else out there that does something similar.

Dissenter is written by Gab peeps

Global Research now nuked by the MOT