** Edit: I better preface this by adding,
I’m talking about the general public here, not medical staff.

Lets see if we can get some good sharing of science in this thread.

Do face masks protect you from getting or spreading the virus?
This dental study shows they don’t protect you from getting it.

What about spreading the virus?
This paper claims it doesn’t work on viruses because they are too small.’t_Work_A_review_of_science_relevant_to_COVID-19_social_policy?fbclid=IwAR0psNDCO3ga61LF87AgHHKsJjbmZLZ51iN_LhGzLvd1V3-hl8vk1PDLXkE

The WHO reached the same conclusion.

Masks are a Libtard conspiracy!!!

Doctors are lying!!! They are conspirng with the Jews, the Nazis, and the WHO!

They are lying, and using YoutuBe to supress the Truth!!!

Lick the doorknobs!

Show it’s all a libtardz conspirazy!

Clearly that didn’t work… :smiley:

I figure @brainwreck and @fred_g might have some good science to share seeing as they work in those areas.

Brainwreck works in a hospital. Only in Trumpland does working as a janitor in a hospital = “working in science”

They both work in medical facilities, so both would have interest in not getting infected, and probably read more on that subject than the rest of us.
Sorry if I wasn’t clear.

Weeeell, I’m not a virologist, epidemiologist, or otherwise public health expert nor do I pretend to be one. Also, I doubt that that anyone here’s interested in the things that are shared with me as it’s basically the stuff that most people here are already aware of and want to disregard. :stuck_out_tongue: That being said, well, reckon my opinion’s as good as the next :crazy_face:

I know that no one is allowed into an OR without a mask, full stop. That is for the patient’s protection. In situations where protection for staffers is needed, there are various levels from double gloving and N95s to CJ (“mad cow”) protocols where basically everything that touches the patient including surgical instruments has to be destroyed by incineration.

Me, I wear a mask any time I go to a situation where people -have- to be in contact with me. Shopping, another for instance we were briefly being screened at the main entrance for a while and I made a point of showing up to that with a mask. This again is an attempt to protect others. I must assume I have been exposed, (well I mean I know with 100% certainty that I have been -exposed-, whether I have actually been infected I don’t know) and act accordingly, for my own peace of mind.

What’s the science? Well, I dunno, again I don’t reckon anyone’s interested in the conventional viewpoint and I can’t be arsed to gather links and videos. In my limited understanding there are 2 basic factors, both of which are more or less common sense. One is simple physics, fluid dynamics I suppose. Ever seen someone vape? Spewing out clouds of white fucking bubblegum scented grossness 6 feet in front of them? And you can smell it from clear across the room? Well, that’s not a good thing, from a communicable disease standpoint. Anything that reduces these jet streams of pathogens, like a mask, is worth doing IMO, in aid of #2, reducing viral load. In the case of any pathogen, less is better. That doesn’t even need explanation, right? So, again, I don’t need any videos or webpages to tell me I -have- to do this, nor am I looking for reasons to avoid doing it, just being a decent person to me to try to reduce the risk to the poor brave grocery cashier who has to be face to face with hundreds of randos in a day.

Sorry if this sounds bitter or snarky, I dunno… my situation is that I -must- take this stuff seriously and I -must- follow the protocols of my workplace and there isn’t any video or webpage that changes that in any way. Time for another drink! :tropical_drink: :grinning:

Those were research papers I shared Fred, not conspiracy videos

I’m more interested in whether masks have proven effective for the public at large,
not so much for hospital staff like yourself who you would expect to take extra precautions

I haven’t taken a side here because I genuinely don’t know how effective these have proven,
which there seems conflicting viewpoints on within the medical community

I don’t believe that anyone stated that masks will actually stop anything but… slowing down the spread could save lives.

Keep going with your absolutes though.

My last job was working at a medical device manufacturing & treatment facility so that means that everybody should listen to me 'cause I gleaned that fucking cube.

Sound logic?

From what I’ve read, almost all Covid-19 infections are from an infected person touching another person.
A tiny amount have come from prolonged exposure in a confined space with an infected person

So unless you’re stuck in a cab or on a train with someone from outside your household, or inside at work etc
they don’t seem to make much difference walking around the streets or shopping in today’s non-crowded supermarkets

No offense to the stupid here by any means but Jesus.Fucking.Christ.

Does it hurt your individual freedoms to wear a mask?
Does it infringe upon your right to live to do something that might help someone else not die?
Does it hurt your pride, ego, or your imagined intellect?
Are they laughing at you and Bob, fooling you by dying in their crisis actor deaths?

Or is this just another right-wing talking point? Making you wear masks after O’bomber tuk yer guns?

With all sincerity & honesty I say:

Open it all back up.
Have the MAGA rallies.
Don’t wear the masks.
Have a laugh on the rest of us.

What’s the harm?

Yah I know. And as stated I’m not qualified to have a meaningful opinion on that level. I was just going to leave it alone until you name checked me, so I gave my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mean, if I were to pull a half informed opinion out of my ass about the dental study I would say that a dental procedure where a patient and a dentist and staff are in extremely close proximity for an extended period of time face to face literally breathing in each others exhalations is a worst possible case situation for transfer of viral load and probably in an airborne communicable virus situation calls for a N95 at the very least, which I’ve never seen a dentist wear, but they probably should, I mean a powered two way system would probably be more appropriate, and I don’t even know if that exists, I think ours are one way (exhalations are not filtered), and probably doesn’t have much to do with whether it would be a good idea for people to wear standard masks in other situations, But again, not qualified, that would just be me talking out my ass. :grinning:

Again, sorry if I sound bitter or snarky. It’s a frustrating situation for me. I mean, I understand that these things affect the general public and so people want to have discussions and feel like they have a say… but in my workplace these things are not up for debate or decided by general consensus. In these professions there is a concept of “scope of practice”, which means “stay in your lane”, and we are -required- to observe it. If you are an ER nurse you don’t tell the OR staff how to do their jobs, or even set foot in an OR unless you also have that qualification, and vice versa. It’s very serious. You can be censured, or fired, or lose your professional license, for exceeding your scope of practice. No such requirement here… which is fine… but… it’s a different world, and it informs my view of these topics.

Again, I’m talking about the general public here, not medical staff.

I see people wearing them here on the bush trail I run at.
And in the street all the time.
But medical sources have stated you don’t catch it in the outdoors, it has to be at least 30min indoors generally, prolonged airborne exposure

The best case I have seen is it stops people touching their face
Another study said people touched their faces more adjusting the mask

@Syd, I know you want to fight as usual mate, but I’m just not interested

Just expressing my heartfelt opinion using my own brand of logic and pushing the boundaries of your newfound Kingdom.

Since you & the rest of the mods have no compunction about Bob compelling another forum member to put a gun to their head and pulling the trigger because Bob thinks that they are a useless piece of shit then there appears to be a vast amount of wiggle room in which to express oneself here, eh?

Can’t you just feel the love? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :heart: :black_heart: :skull_and_crossbones:

Yah sorry mate, as stated I don’t have any answers. Me, I wear masks in public as described, for my peace of mind. I’ve no doubt you’ll do as you think best. Have a good one. :grinning:

Definitely interesting Bevosss. Use of masks are one of those assumed truths. I honestly haven’t looked into it. When I’m walking down a hall or in an elevator and some asshole visitor is barking out a string of nasty coughs my way, I do feel better wearing a mask. But I can’t say anything about how effective it really is.

One of the sanitation guys gave me a nugget of wisdom on an elevator one day. “I hope everyone likes the smell of their own breath, because we’re all going to be smelling it for a while.”

Yeah I’d def be wearing a mask in your situation bro

Just talking mainly about the general public wearing them outside

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Yeah Syd we probably should have done a post to address that
After that fiasco with you, we decided to change a few things

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Also Garrick already apologised to you, so why all the mad still?

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And if domzy actually happened to be in a vulnerable state of mind and took Bob’s stupid words to heart, would any of you feel any kind of personal responsibility for your part in enabling that kind of action?

Don’t worry about it though. Just worry about BenKKK because his views defensibly align with your ilk.