Marijuana Strains

Been sampling a lot of the different strains of marijuana since getting my medical marijuana card. I’m finding I like the Sativa dominate hybrid strains the best. The Indica strains tend to wipe me out.

Curious what others out there think.

You’re welcome to send some samples (i’m in the UK) and i’ll give you my considered opinion :grin:

Sativa all the way.

But the buzz isn’t what it used to be since testing started. What good is boosting THC and CBD to 30% when there are so many other untested components that contribute to the experience?

I’d send you choke pakalolo (that’s Hawaiian slang for a lot of weed) if I thought I could get away with it. Do they not have legal/medical weed in the UK?

Not really, no, as far as i understand it. I think it is possible to get certain derivatives (oils, nasal sprays etc.) if the THC content is extremely low, but even then i think you have to get it prescribed by a specialist doctor.
There does seem to be a grey area where CBD products are available but to be honest i’m not really familiar with all the differences etc.

Have to agree, so much of that stuff doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

It’s like years ago there was this local bar where I lived that had beers from all over the world. You’d get a card with all the different types of beer and as you drank one, they’d punch the card. Once you got all the beers punched on your card, you got your name on a little plaque on the back of a bar stool.

I drank a lot of crappy beer getting my name on a barstool. What the hell is up with Guiness Stout??? Looked like someone drained their engine oil into a beer mug.

My wife’s knees are worse than mine but she does get a lot of relief from CBD. Uses it as a topical rub.

Blasphemer!!! :slight_smile:


There is a huge difference in the European versus American pallet for beer. I guess us Yanks like our suds pretty watered down.

My wife told me a story of when she lived in Germany, they had a couple of local guys come over and do some work on their house. After they were done, her mother offered them a Budweiser and they laughed. Said “That’s not beer, that’s water.”

I went into this micro brewery once, never been there before. Sat down at the bar and ordered a Bud Light. The bartender laughed and said he could put some water in one of their light ales for me.

Holy crap, I hijacked my own thread. Guess it must be the weed. :grinning:

I like a Bud from time to time, but I feel a bit sorry for people who haven’t accepted the unconditional love of Guinness into their hearts yet. Heavier beers and stouts have their own world of flavours.

The Belgians rule the world though. There’s NOTHING that compares to the likes of Duvel, or Westmalle Tripel. And nowadays you can get all those Belgian brands here in CA as well (probably because of the acquisition of InBev), and local breweries have their local version of Belgian ale as well.

This is my favorite: Father Thelonius, and yes indeed the resemblance to the late Thelonius Monk is no coincidence. Part of the sale goes to a foundation sponsoring youth jazz education.

To try and get the thread back on track, have any of you guys tried a marijuana beer?

I’ve tried a hemp beer, and while interesting, it’s probably unlikely that I’ll go for it again. As far as beer that gets you high? Not yet.

Haven’t tried any hemp beer yet. I’ve tried a few edibles but really haven’t done them enough to determine if I like them or not. I do know a few people who really like them though.

My wife bought me a Pax II vape for Christmas. I like it, but it can be a little harsh.

Edibles are great but one needs to partake responsibly. Really bugs me the stories about how bad THC is because somebody took way too much and wigged out.

That’s one thing I did notice, they do take a bit before you start feeling anything, and I’ve heard the stories too about people taking too much because of that.

I’ll still be giving them a try from time to time.

The wife & I had a blast with edibles in Vegas. :smiley:

Have you tried any of the oils?

I have not, honestly don’t know much about them. Are you talking CBD oils or ones that get you high? Is it topical?

THC type.

When I was in the Navy, the hookers in Hong Kong would mix heroin with water, fill a syringe, then inject it into cigarettes through the bottom of the pack. Pretty cool how they did it, would hit all 20 smokes in the pack.

I was wondering if it might be possible to do something like that with the oil.