Lockdown vs (open) prison

Prisoners in open jails do not have complete freedom and are only allowed to leave the premises for specific purposes, such as going to an outside job.

Interestingly, there used to be a sentence in the UK called “At Her Majesty’s Pleasure” where the prisoner did not know how long he was in for. It was deemed against human rights and banned, rightly so.

Our countries or regions thereof are/were turned into open prisons where everybody has been found guilty and sentenced to not only an unknown term, but a term that gets extended at will. Human rights lawyers would be all over this if it was a single prisoner.

Good call.

Yet the prospective good news imo is as ol’ flickervetigo said about [the kabal’s mandates/doctrines/demands]
[paraphrased] “I figure this whole lashup is too chickenshit to last” :smile:

I dunno, there’s a whole bunch of applied psychology being deployed to keep the sheep in line this time around. It’s not as if the masses haven’t already bought the next reason for implementing this billionaire class’s wet dream.

I hope we’re wrong.

I recall ol’ flickervertigo warning of a new 9/11, maybe a bio-terrorism one this time