Lockdown deaths - UK: ~200,000, Sweden: ~0

The UK government’s own lackeys at Sage are estimating a total of around 100,000 deaths due to closing of healthcare systems and other effects of mostly previous lockdown measures. Others have arrived at similar or greater numbers just for excess cancer deaths.

It’s probably fair to take an estimate between these numbers, since there is motive on both sides to take one stance or the other. Let’s say 200,000. Then increase it to take current and future measures into account, but say 200,000 for now.

We can see from Sweden, who had far fewer deaths per 100,000 than the UK, Belgium etc (but who still made mistakes with care homes) that lockdown was unnecessary and that not having one/many certainly didn’t result in any doomsday scenario. They will of course have a non-zero number of deaths as a result of the international Project Fear, but they didn’t shut their country and healthcare system down.

It’s almost as if healthcare systems are needed for healthcare and there are other more deadly diseases out there we should prioritize. What effect is generally stressing the population like this having too?

UK population forecast for 2025 is 15million.
According to Deagel

They’re using mass emigration as a basis for that, aren’t they? I think they are a bit too caught up in US political doomsdayism. Kind of distracts from realistic depopulation efforts by our resident eugenicists too.

There are uncountable deaths in all of this too. Elderly people just giving up after being denied access to their families, no particular cause of death to join the dots with. Care home regimes are more like prisons these days, 15 minute non-contact visits once a week for example.

So, for posterity, 67 million to 15 mililion by 2025?

What say you Snooks?

I’ll give you a chance to re-examine the question if you like.

Yeah, someone is a bit too caught up in something.

So, what sort of figures would you suggest are reasonable?

The figure is a reduction by 14 million, not to 14 (or 15) million. I’d say anything between -90% to +90%, with the bell curve centered roughly around zero.

That’s what I was going on. Can you point out where the figure you are talking about was referenced in this discussion, or where you got it from?

We’ve discussed it twice before on this forum and Bob states the source in the other half* of the post you just quoted!!!

* I do not guarantee precisely or even roughly 50% of a total, imagined or otherwise and would refer the honourable gentlemen to previous writings on this matter whereinsoever it may apply.

So the asterisk is even bigger than the figures, but we’re talking about them as if they mean something. That’s an awfully convenient eating your cake and still having it at the same time sort of trick!

No matter what, you’re still right!

What about you Snooks? Care to put a figure on it that’s specific enough for your predictions to be subject to any meaningful judgement as to their accuracy in the future?

I keep bringing Deagel up because genocide by stealth is happening now in the UK. Deagel have based their predictions from sources we are not privy to and if things continue as they are they may not be far off with that prediction

@Bob: that’s cool, I’m sure they have their contacts. I just think all the imminent doomsday scenarios are great for getting the population panicked and ignorant of laws getting passed, rules getting changed and their futures getting negotiated on their behalf.

@drumphil: I’m flattered that you think I have clairvoyance or other superpowers, but I think that’s just part of this crush thing you have on me. Don’t worry, it’s all perfectly natural, but you have to realise that it’s a fantasy and that you should look closer to home for true happiness.


edit: oh yeah, the asterisk was about the proportion of the post split, not about the accidentally misreported figures, and was referring to the same subject in the other thread today.

For politicians, they are crapping their pants that they will be perceived to be killing people by inaction because of the way this has been framed by lobbyists. More people should contact them to tell them that they are killing people, as well as destroying lives, with their actions.

What are the projections elsewhere? Shutting down healthcare in the USA must have caused a multiple of the projected UK deaths.