Live stream of Trump's Save America rally in Washington D.C.

Remember to click the ‘live’ button to see the live stream

For whatever it’s worth, I strongly dislike Trump, about on part with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. But I think the whole situation is very interesting.

Laughing @ Trump saying that Democrats are ‘radical left’ :rofl:

I’ll never get that time back. :grinning:

Live stream of electoral college vote count:

I think I’ll wait to hear the tl;dw. Pence is in a tricky position, damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

The electroral college count live stream is going in and out. Last I heard, the speaker was telling everyone to get under their chairs and to stay calm. :grimacing:

Moments before that there was mention of a breach, and the whoever news guy said that he was leaving to go back to his hotel for safety.

A woman shot in the neck by secret service, critical condition.

“Biden is killing his own people!”

Thats how the US would frame it in any opposing country…


Looks mostly peaceful to me… its not an organization… theres no leader… its just an ideology… also property can be replaced

Shit… they can burn down police stations, shoot a handful of cops, cause upwards of $50m in damages and it would still be mostly peaceful


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And while Congress is resuming business, Trump is hiding in his bunker. His coup failed.

How similar to Adolf Hitler hiding in his bunker in 1945, after he lost World War 2.

Peter, you didn’t shop that photo in order to fit your narrative properly, there’s a black guy there!

That’s what happens to terrorists. They get shot and killed.

They should have shot and killed all the Nazis trying to overtake the government.

I’ve never seen anyone let alone a self proclaimed lawyer pass judgements without any due process whatsoever such as Peter does. I guess he’s getting all excited.

Why weren’t you up there in DC showing your patriotism? You are a loser and a coward.

Since you are the nazi expert around these parts, i would like to ask you a question… at what time of the weimarer republik are we currently in?

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I’m not there bc for starters I’m 5,000 miles away which you already knew you disingenuous dickhead.

You calling me a coward? You wanna put good money on something to prove that?

Peter figures he’s gonna prove I’m a coward, how do you propose to do that Peter?

You morons lost, we won. Get over it already.

KrimsonFlaKKK, Moron, and all you other flacid penis guys.

Crawl back under your rock.

Goodbye. Ta da.

Lol alright… we got the guy who doesnt want to turn schools into racial jungles… and the lady who kept people in prison for cheap labor… but im the flakkk? haha youre fucking retarded.