So did biden… cant find a short and sweet clip…

Was at 1% this election cycle… but she was the anointed queen from day one… orange man bad… so just suck up the propaganda…

I remember the tools at the other place…they were so idealistic, so true to their principles, that when Jill Stein quit and Bernie abdicated, hey, they were with her, man!! Why, they’d ALWAYS been with her!!

So Bernie abdicates again, and the commies in charge put together the absolute two worst candidates in the entire field, two people nobody wanted, one guy can’t talk and the other has nothing to say…


The Russians? Omarosa? Cohen? Pussy grabbing? All mexicans are rapists? Kids in cages? Mentally incompetent? Soldiers are cowards? (What happened to that Atlantic article anyway?) Two Bob Woodward books? The walls are closing in? Rachel has another bombshell? haha

I have a suggestion for you losers: Try running FOR something. Running against Trump isn’t going so well. 95% support for Trump amongst Republicans. Independents breaking for Trump. Minorities breaking for Trump. And all you losers have is paid weirdos throwing shit, and shooting people in the head. So, how’s that working out for you?

And nobody believes that killing babies has anything to do with a woman’s health. A fetus is not an infection.

You’re really gonna show Trump! Too bad about middle east peace breaking out, Nobel prize nominations, no new wars…

Nobel peace prize nomination you say?



“Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize a little under 10 months after he took up residence in the White House. Nominations for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize closed just 11 days after he took office.”

Look in the lounge about 3.5 years ago. I said Trump would be nominated for the Nobel prize.

JHughes was right again.

I did think it would be sooner, and I did think Israel would be the first nominator, but hey, close enough.

Also notice how every libtard article that mentions the first nominator calls him “far right”. LOL Whatever. These fuckers have no credibility if you have half a brain.