So, the Maricopa county recount has been a pretty crazy affair.

The republican controlled senate appointed a mob called Cyber Ninjas to run the recount.

They started with blue pens on the recount floor. That’s failing at the absolute basics of security for such a task. Only red pens are allowed, so that ballots can’t be remarked without it being obvious due to the red ink. And this is the mob who says they’re going to do a better job than the republican official run recounts that happened before theirs.

They claimed that files had been deleted from hard drives. But they miraculously found them again when it was pointed out that they had failed to reassemble a raid array properly.

Their martial prowess is unknown, so they might still be ninjas, but they really should drop the cyber bit.

To really hammer home their message of transparency, they then decided require that all participants sign an NDA. They want the truth to be known, just not about them.

Clickbait title

It’s clearly labeled, just like the discussions about Jews, and anti-whites are clearly labeled “belarus” and " “Who’s taking the vaccine? And if so which one do you prefer?”

There has been some action in Zioville lately,

Bibi apparently is now ousted and they will have a new far-right PM called Naftali Bennett

who dreams of annexing the majority of the West Bank



Israel approves children 12-15 getting the vaxx


What really got to the authorities and security forces was the women coming on en mass (thanks snooks) after they saw the brutality the men were subjected to. They couldn’t blame nazi extremists. They couldn’t blame the CIA or NATO. They couldn’t just brutalize them all in front of the cameras. They couldn’t accuse them of violence and destruction because there was none. It drove them nuts! Why wouldn’t these women get back to their place in the kitchen and stop causing such problems that they couldn’t overpower with the brutality they were able to get away with in the past.

It totally broke their narrative of a violent CIA sponsored coup. They couldn’t just lock some leaders up and get it to all go away, because no one was ordering the women to do what they did. They kept doing it after the opposition politicians had either been forced into exile or imprisoned.

The internet meant that the people could all see what was going on. They couldn’t control it by reasserting control over the state media, who had gone on strike because they were being ordered to hide the truth. Everyone saw.

That type of discussion would never be televised in the U.S. today.

You misspelled “Russia”.

And forgot to mention Trump.

How come Phil’s not calling it an “insurrection” and justifying locking them up like the Capitol protest?

Must be he figures those women will be fine after a couple of years of a “white privilege” shaming campaign, their kids receiving some tranny hour tutoring, and some BLM and/or ISIS street action.

Surely those women would never look back in nostalgia from their new existence under Bolshevism 2.0 would they?

Maybe we could take a poll about which of the buildings pictured below would burn the fastest…