So last year the IDF shot an unarmed, bound and blindfolded 15 year old boy trying to run from them, for alleged stone throwing, then threatened to shoot the medics attending him.

They actually had BLM rallies in Israel’s capital Tel Aviv after George Floyd’s death this year in solidarity
But they wouldn’t protest this shooting
Because they’re hypocritical PEP cunts who only turn religious when claiming ‘God gave this land to us’

After getting a 16 year old girl drunk, 30 Israeli men formed a line outside the girl’s hotel room & took turns gang raping her.

Her lawyer says many people are now seeking phone footage of the assault for their own sick pleasure & cops are guarding her home after threats.

It’s been acknowledged that Tel Aviv is the new gay capital of the world for a few years now.
So much for LGBTQ supporting the oppressed

What’s not acknowledged publicly is that Israel is the pedo-protecting centre of the world, with the highest amount of woman and child traffickers per capita anywhere …eg check out the Epstein or Weinstein connections for how many dual Israel citizens turn up as alleged predators.

(same as their Unit 8200 was acknowledged by PM Bibi in a speech last year as the second biggest spy agency in the Five Eyes, but 2x as big per capita as the biggest, the US NSA. )

No shit.

So, the race known for thousands of years as the world’s biggest slavers, white slave traders, and money lenders at interest is still doing it? And they admit it? (They’ve never denied it you fake news consumers. All you have do is read their newspapers and think pieces.)

Israeli Soldiers Placed Explosives in West Bank Village for ‘Deterrence’

Palestinian hurt after seven-year-old finds box containing stun grenades, which military says troops left at site where 'violent riots have regularly occurred

Israeli soldiers planted at least three explosive devices last week along a road in a Palestinian village that runs near a residential area.

Improvised explosive devices composed of boxes of stun grenades?

Exactly what are we talking about here?

Israel have been bombing Gaza dailyfor the past 11 days.
Not that you’d know it from the corporate media suppression of it.

Discuss that, you retarded bot.

Look who crumbled to their jewish financiers after all.

BLM’s umbrella group drops all mention of Israel/BDS/Palestinian rights from their new 10 page statement

“Even though many contemporary Jews are not observant, pilpul continues to be deployed. Pilpul occurs any time the speaker is committed to “prove” his point regardless of the evidence in front of him. The casuistic aspect of this hair-splitting leads to a labyrinthine form of argument where the speaker blows enough rhetorical smoke to make his interlocutor submit. Reason is not an issue when pilpul takes over: what counts is the establishment of a fixed, immutable point that can never truly be disputed.”

“What is thought to be the Jewish “genius” is often a mark of how pilpul is deployed. The rhetorical tricks of pilpul make true rational discussion impossible; any “discussion” is about trying to “prove” a point that has already been established. There is little use trying to argue in this context, because any points being made will be twisted and turned to validate the already-fixed position.”

What is most unfortunate about pilpul – and this is something that will be familiar to anyone who has followed the controversies involving Israel and Palestine – is that, since the rational has been removed from the process, all that is left is yelling, irrational emotionalism, and, ultimately, the threat of violence.

Sounds like the DNC and MSM…

But they could grow up to be terrorists!

Listen to us, we Ashkenazi are rated the most intelligent in the world by our own studies, even though we don’t believe in eugenics.

Those low scoring IQ tests in Israel that we couldn’t cheat on, they were antisemitic…