Is COVID-19 really as bad as we’re are being told it is?

I’ve seriously had my doubts since the second time the government extended the lockdown the first time around. As well as obvious staged putting “dead bodies” into non-refrigerated semi trailers as apparent morgue trucks. I was in post Katrina Mississippi area helping rebuild the area. I know how those things look and work. What the news showed going on in New York was not that and no clue what it was.

But read this article and think about it then maybe we can all rationally discuss it.

I’m taking our side regardless what political ideology you usually harbor. This “virus” is beyond that petty stuff.

This is what some scientists have been saying for months. One of the major problems we have regarding excess deaths is the effect effectively shutting down and/or limiting healthcare services has had.

I feel sorry for people who have been terrorized over the last few months. COVID-19 has been the big gossipy thing so deaths “after testing positive for coronavirus” (very specific phrase) rattle around Facebook or the coffee machine, even if it was really from heart disease, cancer or anything else.

My father died not long before the outbreak, if he’d lasted just long enough to test positive his death would have no doubt been registered as covid.

This is Fakebook’s ‘fact check’ article if you try to share the above article:

Thank goodness somebody in authority is Fact Checking™ these things. We can all sleep easy knowing that a rebuttal has been made that by definition trumps the original material. Consensus™ has been reached.

All hail Fascistbook and Twitler!

^^Do I get extra social demerit points for that? If so, what can I do with them, watch a couple of Netflix movies for some free re-edumacation?

Yes, I’m afraid you’ll have to surrender some carbon credits for that one. Don’t worry, you will have that family holiday at some point, just as soon as you can demonstrate that you have these socially destructive thoughts purged from your mind.

This is the lounge.

We don’t do rational discussions here.

Thankfully we are not limited to discussing limited points of alleged “consensus” around here. Like the Earth being the center of the universe, or how best to prostrate to our neo-gods for forgiveness.

Yeah, it’s exactly like that. With a bunch of visionaries who aren’t corrupted by the dogma, breaking new ground in science.

It’s Galileo all over again.

Good luck with that.

Yes, I suppose you are correct. This is a unique time in the history of the last few thousand years of advanced civilisations. One where our glorious leaders and robber baron paymasters are not manipulating, dividing, conquering and otherwise deceiving the people on a mass scale. What a time to be alive, we truly are lottery winners.

So, when would you go back to that’s more enlightened than now scientifically and medically?

If not now, then when was the golden age?

I’m sorry, I don’t interact with anti-vaxxers. If you change your views from the other thread I might interact further with you.

This is what Covid looks like … ICU in Apple Valley, CA, filled 300% over capacity. It is expected to only get worse.

So wear your fucking masks everyone.

This is what starvation looks like:

This is what cancer looks like:

How many 83 year olds would sacrifice a couple of months at the end of their lives for these kids? I’d like to say 100%, I think it would be close.

Yeah, things are bad where you are, but what about the rest of the world. Much worse?

What happens to them when the pandemic hits them too?

But hey, why bother here at all, because someone has it worse.

What exactly is your point?

What do you mean “when the pandemic hits them”, it has been as global as it comes. Still many experts predict that our backwards and anti-scientific reaction to this virus, that really isn’t too different to seasonal flu in terms of mortality and lasting effects, is going to kill many more people than the virus itself.

The media virus is deadly though. I’ve seen terrified elderly people out and about, they have been terrorized, which must be taking years off their lives. Handy to nick in and get a quick PCR test just before they die of strokes.

I think it is very widespread (much more so than reported), but the numbers are badly distorted in a variety of ways. Take a look at the numbers over here for example:

Under ‘Columns’ turn on ‘1 Test every X people’. You’ll see that for the U.S. that number is 1, or 1 test for every 1 person. That makes it sound like everyone is getting tested here, which is complete bs. Most people aren’t being tested, even lots of people who are symptomatic. Apparently enough people are getting multiple tests to make up for everyone else who isn’t getting tested, which I also call bs on. And I would wage a healthy bet that if something nearer complete population testing were to happen in the U.S., there would be wayyy more asymptomatic cases. I do ask around alot to find out who has been tested, and everyone is surprised by that number. Any way, that one number alone, number of people being tested, already distorts things alot by giving the impression that all the other numbers have more legitimacy than for many other countries.

On cases and deaths, lots of us probably know something about how those numbers are being inflated, which I think has been talked about here already. That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been a significant number of Covid cases and deaths, but when it it made profitable for healthcare facilities to count more cases and deaths as being Covid, of course the numbers will be inflated. See for example:

And on Covid death counts:

Something that really bugs me about the Covid vaccine trials is lack of testing for asymptomatic cases. This could have been a great opportunity to get some data on asymptomatic vs. symptomatic cases. And with vaccines now rolling out, the chances for gathering that data will continue to diminish as more vaccinations are administered.

The thing about asymptomatic “cases” is that the immune systems of people who test positive must be stopping the virus from multiplying out of control otherwise they would have symptoms. With so little virus in their systems it seems highly unlikely that they would be spreading it to people they aren’t french kissing since their bodies aren’t ejecting it through fever sweats, sore throats and coughing.

The concept sounds like an attempt at a noble lie to me.

But yes, not testing everybody on a trial hides information… perhaps potential inconvenient truths.