I have a conspiracy

Same “cop” in both videos? Oder?

Nah. They’re both tall and balding, that’s about it

The cop handcuffing the pregnant woman is younger, slightly beefier, has an egg-shaped head

The one choking the girl is older and leaner, hair is grey and his voice sounds like an older guy.

Conspiracy or not, it’s pretty frightening.

Any idea what the woman in the second video was doing prior to be taken down like that?

They are going nuts in Aussi land

They’re going nuts all over.

You can’t put people under this kind of stress for so long and not expect things to explode.

I posted something in the Covid thread about being at a deflection point in human history.

Probably should cut that from the Covid topic and paste here.

So much of it anymore just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

From the Covid topic:

I really do think we have hit a deflection point in human history.

My one real hope for the future is that maybe people will finally stop and come to the realization that a lot of the institutions we have created to take care of our problems for us aren’t really up to the task, and that maybe we as individuals should start taking on the responsibility of taking care of some of those problems ourselves.

Just what I’m hoping for, not something I’d bet on. :grinning:

Here is another.

I don’t know Bob, maybe on public transportation, if that’s what that was, probably should wear a mask.

But still, it’s pretty extreme. I suspect the guy not wearing the mask spread more moisture droplets in the struggle than he would have just sitting there quietly.

The thing is that the health exemption is for mental health too. If wearing a mask would cause severe distress, nobody can prove that this is not the case.

People in the Twatteratti there seem to think there’s some kind of legal obligation to prove an exemption, by carrying a certificate, or even by explaining. Not the case.

major corporations $upport blm
blm burns down majority small businesses

I thought i had a conspiracy of my own but i lost it…

There’s a coronascheme in the UK where young people can be employed for 6 months, with the company getting 25 hours of their wages paid per week (at minimum rate), plus £1500 onboarding money and employment taxes paid.

But… companies have to take a minimum of 30 people on. That’s denying young people opportunities at lots of SMEs that have never taken on 30 people at once for their entire existences.

Minimum 30 people, kind of like limiting groups to 5 people here. Just pull an arbitrary number out of thin air.

The idea of govt kicking in on an employees salary is interesting though. At least it gets them back working.

Maybe they could do something like that here in the US, by giving employers a deferral on on state and federal income taxes. Employers have to match those income taxes, so if an employees income tax is 100 dollars, the employer kicks in another 100 dollars. Instead of taking money in taxes, and then giving some of it back, just don’t take it in the first place. Cut out the middle man.

Seems like -
The re-emergence of feudalism, fealty sworn to the dukes and barons means protection from prosecution by common law in cases of attacks on persons/property which are not [entirely] controlled by such dukes and barons who control the administration of the law in a given territory, the monarch is the chairman of the board of the most powerful almagamation of fiefdoms [see pictured below] who either totally overthrows any [semi] autonomous fiefdoms or allows some leeway, depending on individual temperament or ‘viability evaluations’

Historically that system is then challenged by “Parliamentarians” as in the UK but the Lords still control most of it.

TL;DR It’s all about the money

Imo the US needs to stick hard to the Constitution, the further things move away from it the worse things get.

Couldn’t agree more brother. It’s sad how we’ve strayed so far from so much of that.

So many people wrap themselves in the Constitution when it suits them but then wipe their asses with it when it doesn’t.

The previous admin was running foreign affairs from a basement, taking huge amounts of illegal cash and graft from foreign govts and companies, sponsoring hard core terrorists etc., all contrary to the Constitution yet there’s people here positing that Trump’s admin is worse, as if.

They’re emboldened no doubt bc of how much they got away with before losing the election as a result of the truth getting out.

Emboldened so much as to try again with the intention of plugging a few security holes to ensure no one finds out what they’re up to next time.

She was originally stopped for not wearing a mask, which she actually had an exemption for.
I think she further refused to show him any ID or didn’t have any (details are vague), and he grabbed her soon after that.
She got charged with resisting arrest and assaulting police, but wasn’t fined for not wearing a mask because of her exemption.

*The guy videoing it clearly tells the cops she had an exemption, even if she didn’t for some reason

A couple of iconic photos from Victoria, the bottom one reminds me of a scene from Robocop

So, no mask, refused to identify so it could be checked if she did have an exemption, and then resisted arrest.

Oh the tyranny. I’d almost have sympathy if we weren’t in the middle of a pandemic.

If that’s how it actually went then she’s an idiot. If that wasn’t how it went down, then the police have something to answer for.

Apparently Victoria has a supercomputer making the lockdown decisions now…

I’d get way too hot in that Robocop shit over here, let alone in the land down under. Protesters should point heaters at them.