How is the Covid-19 situation where you are?

Most people are at home here. Lots of businesses closed. I have been on vacation this week from the hospital where I work. When I left visitations were being very limited, everyone being screened at the door for temperatures and questioned about symptoms, all employees wearing masks and keeping daily temperature logs.

I have managed to work remote for our lock down BW

So far, no cabin fever, though it is only week 2 of 4

Nice man.

yup. unemployed , stoned and finally recording new songs.
first world shtdown i have ever seen. honestly though im free coz everything is closed, not coz im self isolating. if this fiasco does not wake this world up, nothing will. the only curves that need flattening are those of consuming capitalistic corporate greed and power addiction.

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also, i spent a coupla hours daily with my kids, and was taking them to parks and reserves everyday until these assholes declared nature unsafe. and yeah, location is Melbourne.

It’s strange going out right now. Everything looks deserted. My usual place for smokes and gas is always packed. Not anymore. Gas is $1.39 here right now! I haven’t seen that price in a long time. So few people driving right now. I heard that in Oklahoma City gas has gotten down to $0.79.

Oahu, Hawaii. In our Red Zone, but so far only 200 or so cases

Hey it’s pipeline.


Only supermarkets and emergency services can stay open.
You can’t drive to go to the beach but you can go for a walk as long as you keep two metres apart from others.

I went to the local general store today, we call them dairys. Only three people at a time in the store. It wasn’t too bad, only had to wait 5 minutes

The other day I figured I would crank up an amp full tilt outside and do some jamming, not accounting for a lot of the neighbors being home. They didn’t like it as much as I did. I could tell by all the yelling.

Stockholm is a desert too. Most virulent place in Sweden. We are told to stay where we are and forget about going to our summer houses and such out in the country – the locals don’t want us there.

I am on total lockdown, as I have several of the key risk indicators. I am still sneaking out in my car to walk my dog daily, but that`s all. Started another lung infection yesterday but happily not COV19. Happily, my wife Barbara can still do the shopping etc., as she is not at risk so much & is working from home. I do have one friend who is in a similar category as me & he is doing very badly indeed. He has been hospitalised & is currently on a ventilator, sedated & on a dialysis machine. His condition is deteriorating. Fingers Arms legs & eyes crossed for him.

That’s whacky Suli, parks here in the Bay Area are still open by and largee. The only parks that are shut are those where too many people get together, and some parking lots. I still go out every day, social distancing is easy here, plenty of open space.

I’ve been working from home for several weeks now, similarly to most of my neighbors and pretty much everyone here in the Bay Area. No lack of work, on the contrary - big corporations keep behaving badly, we’re here to hold them responsible. Shops are still well stocked (except paper towels), with fresh veggies, meat, etc. Personally it doesn’t affect me very much, but all the stories are a bit unnerving. I live in an artist loft (Cotton Mill Studios), the neighbors are bonding together … sharing food (responsibly), sharing information, looking after each other. We’ve always done that but now more so than ever.

As far as silver linings go, the traffics really great :smiley:
Also my local music shop said it was like three Xmas’s at once, so many people bored at home now.
NOT total lockdown yet and the cops will only fine people who blatantly breach the ‘threes a crowd’ rule at public parks and beaches etc. We are looking at 90 days of semi-lockdown, the police chief said he wouldn’t be looking to extend it.
The curve is flattening in Australia already, it dropped steadily from a peak of 214 new cases in NSW a week ago to 114 a couple of days ago.
We only have 85 serious cases out of 5454 total cases, 1.5%.
New cases was 140 yesterday, 3 new deaths…I haven’t tracked them all but the first 20 or so were all old, most related to cruise ships that got through and a nursing home outbreak.
I heard we got the weaker asian strain, hope that is true.

I had holidays already booked last year for 6 weeks starting after Easter,
I was thinking of popping back over the ditch to see some fam, but that’s all over now.
Instead I got a new FR HSS Strat with Sliders pickups, MOTU 828ES and a Suhr Reactive Load IR, gonna spend my time playing and recording instead
How disappointing :smiley:

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Here’s the latest table from worldometers, pretty scary for the US

277K total cases, 1321 new deaths yesterday, 32K new cases
Going to be 50K new cases per day soon

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