Holy $%^& the mods!

Yes, I’m one of them but I’m not pulling the crap they are.

I got a post taken down for being racist conspiracy theory because I said to wear your masks.

I don’t even recognize these guys anymore

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Seems like lots of forums are being homogenized/sterilized these days. conspiracy theory

Brought up a physics question on another forum and the thread got closed for the possibility of ending up becoming political/religious because a couple of commenters put forth general points that were philosophical in nature. Imagine the awful horror of that in a physics discussion.

Now with lock downs
People have plenty of time on their hands to sterilise further.

Join the secret police, never be bored again.

Had to try the quote function. Agreed. Finally they can be of some service.

Its a damn shame. But honestly I saw some mods openly hated The Lounge and I wondered how long it was going to last.

I saw the same. I guess hiding the lounge behind a password was the first sign of the lounge getting booted.

I’m willing to give the mods the benefit of the doubt in that, not specifically in your case Pipeline, but overall, they were tired of people demanding that views and opinions that they disagreed with be removed. In that regard, can’t say that I blame them.

One thing you can say for sure about this virus, it doesn’t care who you vote for. Too bad we can’t do the same.

Sounds most probable, along with some mods not liking the lounge in the first place.

The amount of snowflake emails I get demanding posts be removed because some SJW is offended by the color of someone else’s socks is unreal.

Hi Bob here. I got banned for saying something about the covid 19 virus thing. No warning or reason given

Geez, when did that happen?
Anyhoot, welcome back Bob!

Welcome Bob :tada:

A lot of goodwill has gone down the drain lately.

I get that they wanted the lounge gone but it could have been done a lot nicer.
Ten years of a community gone in a flicker.

But alas, it has been done and that is that.

Feel free to vent about it and even say bad words like bum and knickers but I would like to get some of that good will back eventually.

How that happens? who the feck knows.

It smells to me like they are cleaning the place up for a sale. I don’t get the coronavirus thread, posts that maintain panic are allowed but ones that are not are apparently seen as problematic. I can’t be arsed with echo chambers that parrot the filtered crap we get from mainstream media/the WHO/NATO/whatever.

Welcome aboard :tada: :beach_umbrella: @theotherpaul, @Bob and the whole lot of you :laughing:

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And Francois :smiley:


Welcome aboard/back Snooks! A long time between virtual drinks brother…

You too Pipe, great to see you on here :))

That was a couple weeks ago.
You have been banned for the following reason:
trolling COVID-19 thead

Date the ban will be lifted: 04-08-2020, 09:00 AM
I certainly wasn’t trolling.

Well, you’re welcome here Bob!
I never got around to talking to you much.
But I’ve observed you from afar enough to know ye not a troll.

The mods around here?
Blood thirsty bastards!

But I think you’ll be fine