Harry Vox Predicted 2020, back in 2014 (Lockstep Scenario)

Investigative journalist Harry Vox predicted 2020 way back in 2014.
Just replace Ebola with Covid-19, and it’s a spookily identical scenario being played out today.

He was exposing a Rockafeller document from 2010 titled,

“Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development”

specifically, the scenario titled ‘Lockstep’

Check out his video interview:

The Rockafeller document:


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It’s just yet another happy accident in a never-ending series of fortuitous events that seem to be dragging us along in one miraculously direct path for such random happenings! In other dimensions things are going slightly worse for our lizard overlords, so there’s that.

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Yes he did indeed. He also was quick to point out 911 was an inside job