Happy Saturday!

Nice! Now our schools wont become racial jungles!

But for reals… you shouldnt come here bro… i dont know if you heard… but this place here… it be… Ground zero for the QAnons. Covid deniers, anti-maskers, anti-vaxxers, Trumpers, holocaust deniers, white supremacists, Israel haters. :clown_face:


I know!

But I just want to comfort you. I know this is a hard day for you. Just let the hatred go, and let love flow into your heart! You can do it!

Im in a good mood :slight_smile: What you should worry about is if… lets say… .007% of the 70 million trump voters decide to be like the left and burn shit down and shoot people… but hey… it would only be .007% so it would be majority peaceful…

On a serious note, when the media starts pushing whatever alleged humanitarian or security scenario that has been concocted for Target #1: Iran, please object loudly to it because we all know what happens next.

Imagine that was a picture of Tulsi Gabbard. That would be something worth celebrating… a person of principle, with a firm anti-war stance based on seeing the bullshit and suffering first hand being in charge of the USA.

It says right there in the US Constitution: “If CBS news projects a winner, that’s just like actually winning”.

Welcome to the banana republic, brought to you by your local CCCP chapter.

There does indeed seem to be a bit of time travelling involved in the text there: “X BLAHS (x is projected to blah)”.

Let me know where I can send the box of Kleenex.

I was thinking Pompeo had ginormous warmongery shoes to fill,

nek minute…

Bahahaha ‘progressives’

The Israel Lobby in the UK expelled Corbyn out of his party recently
Looks like he’s got some neoliberal grovelling to do to get back in

Too bad for the fake liberals is that the last four years has been an oasis of peace and tranquility in foreign policy compared to what preceded it, and what’s to follow.

They won’t be able to falsely blame the stereotype of gung ho middle American “rednecks” for the carnage anymore.

Trump campaigned on a peace platform, his constituency voted for that policy and Trump delivered on that.

But undoubtedly the dimwitted millenial Dem fans can be kept in the dark by the MSM as to what’s really going on.

Maybe [or maybe not!] the attack on Iran will be put on hold temporarily in favour of more domestic policies such as big immigration to bolster Dem voter base against ‘them evil rednecks’.

@peter5992 : what do you think the chances are of the republican’s legal challenges forcing recounts or changes? 1/5, 1/100?

Congrats Peter.

It only took wrecking the economy and destroying the lives of millions of Americans so you could elect an old white guy and a descendant of slave owners.

Nice work. :grinning:

I wouldn’t be too quick to congratulate, since there are still legal issues to resolve. If it turns out that impropriety took place and that the legal winner was the republicans, I can sense a mass spontaneous combustion happening. There will be riots and the media will be to blame for them.

I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope on the legal challenges, the political class is too good at stuffing ballot boxes and rigging elections. They’ve all been doing it forever.

Should be an interesting two years. Trump’s not going to fade away and I think a lot of Democrats are shitting all over themselves because they own all this stuff now.

If they don’t deliver big time on all the promises they have made, they’re going to get their asses handed to them in the 2022 mid terms.

I’m just glad it’s over and I’m looking forward to the media telling us how wonderful everything is while we sit around waiting on our allotment of government cheese. :grinning:

No ‘absolute’ conclusions drawn here by me as to exactly how much, but certainly there’s been a lot voter fraud [always is some] but the tech certainly allows a much grander scale of it, suspicions more than aroused, esp given the fraud by Dems over the many years.