Happy Pride!


Let me see if I can add something of worth to this useless topic…why, of course I can!

Joe Jackson Lyrics

"Real Men"

Take your mind back – I don’t know when
Sometime when it always seemed
To be just us and them
Girls that wore pink and boys that wore blue
Boys that always grew up better men
Than me and you

What’s a man now – what’s a man mean
Is he rough or is he rugged
Is he cultural and clean
Now it’s all change – it’s got to change more
'Cause we think it’s getting better
But nobody’s really sure

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

See the nice boys – dancing in pairs
Golden earring golden tan
Blow-wave in the hair
Sure they’re all straight – straight as a line
All the gays are macho
Can’t you see the leather shine

You don’t want to sound dumb – don’t want to offend
So don’t call me a faggot
Not unless you are a friend
Then if you’re tall and handsome and strong
You can wear the uniform and I could play along

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

Time to get scared – time to change plan
Don’t know how to treat a lady
Don’t know how to be a man
Time to admit – what you call defeat
'Cause there’s women running past you now
And you just drag your feet

Man makes a gun – Man goes to war
Man can kill and man can drink
And man can take a whore
Kill all the blacks – kill all the reds
And if there’s war between the sexes
Then there’ll be no people left

And so it goes – go round again
But now and then we wonder who the real men are

Lol, I knew I could trust you to represent the homophobics among us.

Too bad you’re not watching the show, it’s really good. Here’s a snapshot of one of the many acts.

So Joe Jackson is homophobic, got you. He’s a racist too.

Those are your words, not mine.

JHughes is not homophobic.

“Oh wait, I can’t say poof, it might offend some faggot like Nicholas.”

And of course neither is Joe Jackson.

Every song on his “Night and Day” record is fantastic.

I bought it after seeing him perform “Another World” on Saturday Night Live. Unfortunately I don’t see it on youtube.

There is the video for Real Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BA65lg1HWt4
It almost makes me cry.

I’ve explained it twice, and your quote would never convict me of homophobia in court.

You must be the world’s worst lawyer.

Well now we know why he quit being a lawyer :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
P.S I am glad you doing what you love Peter.
Just jokes.

Homophobia is not a crime.

That I agree with you, it’s a terrific album. One of the best albums of the 80s, used to play it night and day (no pun intended). I think I still have the CD somewhere. Great artist, terrific songs. “Stepping out”, what a classic. Though my personal favorite (not on the album) is “Is she really going out with him”.

I’d just like to note that neither is hating cheesy Pride acts. I know that some gay guys find it all a bit badly stereotypical and cringeworthy. Are there engine stripping demos at the events, carried out by expert mechanics who just happen to be gay? :smiley:

I have no idea, I’m just a straight guy posting about the Pride parade.

One of my neighbors (and a good friend of mine) has been working for Pride for decades. She’s disabled and elderly, I’m practically her caretaker, driving her around to get her to the doctor, get her groceries, etc. The Pride Parade is the annual highlight and this year was the 50th anniversary of the SF Pride Parade. She was a little bummed out about everything being cancelled due to Covid, but I told her better safe than sorry.

To be honest, the Pride parade isn’t really my thing but in the context of positive news I thought “he man why not, let’s watch this”. Well at least a little bit.

It’s like a lot of things in life, I may not necessarily be a huge fan, but I think it’s great. Look at it this: we straight guys got our own fucking parade 365 days a year. We don’t have to worry about getting harassed or persecuted or beaten up.

Let the gays and the lesbians and the queers and the transsexuals and the drag queens have their one day in the year that they can party and fucking celebrate who they are.

You have a kind heart my friend, I’m not criticizing you at all.

I would disagree with the straight guys getting the rest of the year, that’s the same thing that people say about International Women’s Day. A UK MP said that it’s “men’s day 364 days of the year” when the world is really mostly a chivalrous wonderland, particularly for attractive women. With some rough edges of course, but there’s a lot of ignoring the benefits going on with the standard, victim narrative.

I’ve heard transmen say that after transitioning the world suddenly felt less friendly, that nobody went out of their way to help them any more. That they felt alone. I think homogenizing experiences based on which fixed category somebody lands in is a smidge dangerous and something that leaves a lot of people in need of a leg up out on their own.

“we straight guys got our own fucking parade 365 days a year”

You mean 365 days of financial and sexual bondage. Conforming to the societal norms of the bread winning provider husband. Failing to do so render you worthless as a man.

Are you serious?

This is 2020, not 1950.

It is worse in 2020 since the whole court system is female centric.

Not even a pre-nup (US) is worth its paper anymore, “He made me sign it under duress!!” Either way, in marriage most men have very little to gain, and a whole lot to lose.

I have read too many stories of men’s lives being destroyed after being divorced raped and having to spend 50% of their income for life to the ex, leaving very little to survive on. I have seen men being falsely accused of child abuse so that the ex can get child custody. I have seen men having to pay so much alimony and child support they commit suicide. Things are so geared against men that in some countries it’s not legal for a man to ask for a paternity test when it comes to child support (France). So basically, any women can say “He is the dad” and the court must except it verbatim. I have seen men thrown into the street for “raising their voice” in Spain, which is basically a gynocentric country.

I know you are kind and virtuous soul Peter, no sarcasm.

But I am black pilled as f@#d though.