Happy 2021

It has to be better than 2020.

Yes happy 2021. Should be an interesting one

Happy new year everybody!

Best of luck to yous all in 2021

I like to remain optomistic even through recurring somewhat metaphoric visages of Wile E. Coyote
holding an umbrella under falling boulders.

Happy New Year guys

Have a great reset

Happy New Year!

Another sign of a better year to come. Jimmy throwing off the gloves with The Young Turks. It’s wayyyy past time of course.

“When you lie at the behest of the establishment, there’s never a price to pay.”


Any resolutions this year?

I’m considering a few. But I might put them off. I was going to conquer the world for example, but I’m watching random crapola on youtube right now.

I think I’m going with Russel’s philosophy this year.