Georgia on my mind


And now the Democrats control the House, the Senate, and we have a Democratic President.

Time to go back to normal, and get the cockroaches back under their rocks.

IF so, then near future warmongering may be now almost entirely attributed to dem party and their ‘allies’.

Whereas middle America USA cannot be the scapegoat
for such anymore.

Also, since there’s 70-80 million seething Americans right now it will be interesting how far you think you can push your agendas.

This is gasoline to the fire.

You do realise that you are part of the problem of polarisation and divisiveness with the kind of rhetoric you’ve used here repeatedly. There isn’t one side of good people and one side of bad, there’s nuance and layers of special interest groups turning people against each other for their own purposes.

Thinking that everything would be okay if only close to 100% of people would believe one thing is a recipe for failure. In our species at least. And it’s not the evolved thinking the correct thing vs stunted wrongthinkers either.

More importantly, with the Democrats in charge of everything and progressives in charge of the Democrats we should see the USA with a national health service within the next four years. Something that is truly left wing, right? There’s nothing stopping them now except excuses.

I am guessing that more fascist policies are coming though. Censorship and foreign aggression for example. I see that rounding up dissidents is a popular subject.

Amen and awoman to that, you cocksucking mother fucker…

Or whatever that translates to in SJW speak…

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Oh no! This shilly bro here calls me flakkk! And the old white guy is president! Good thing common core math rawks, cause this 1+1 doesnt add up to 2…

Ooh … it’s that time of the month, eh?

But why weren’t you at the Capitol yesterday, you being the Murican Patriot?

Oh wait, maybe you were.

Now that you got what you wanted/needed, why waste time gloating when you can now shift your focus to the last apartheid state left in the world…

I’m not gloating, I’m enjoying watching your girlfriend KKKrimson get a hiss fit.

So are you gonna focus some of your SJW ‘activities’ on the last apartheid state left in the world? instead of simply pointing fingers?

Oi vey… that time of the month doesnt sound very inclusive…

lol, hiss(y) fit? You start talking flakkk bullshit, i will drop the niceties with you. Keep acting like a jackass and ill toss you on ignore like dumphil… then youll have to come back with more shills… but this place is small so… youll glow in the dark sweet tits.


Please do.

Show me the proof without anyone investigating anything! lol

Why doesnt he just ask those other states if those 8000 people voted in their residency state… or if they were mailed ballots for starters…

After killing half a million Americans, the only thing that bothers Drumpf is that he was kicked off twitter.

Boo hoo little cunt.

Lol, so it takes one Sean Hannity producer, and a team of data scientists to look at the reported figures, and say “see it said that, but then it changed! Proof of fraud!”

Could it be that they can’t get anywhere because the recounts and audit’s gave pretty much the exact same result?

Regarding 8000 out of state voters:

The act of requesting an absentee ballot after filing the National Change of Address notice itself is not necessarily a crime, Raffensperger’s release said. State law does allow for voters who temporarily reside out of state, like college students, or members of the military, to request absentee ballots.

This sort of stuff has been investigated before, and it usually ends up being people with an allowable reason, or people who didn’t vote in the state in question.

That’s why just pointing out to a judge that people who have an out of state address are asking to vote doesn’t immediately ring alarm bells. Because people are allowed to do that. They do so legally every election.

Official CDC figures put the jump in all-cause mortality for 2020 at around 15k more than would be expected compared to the previous years. Most of that excess may well have occurred in states that locked down the hardest.

The real mass murderers are those who enabled healthcare systems being shut down and livelihoods being destroyed based on anti-science. Poverty does kill and the fallout from policies you support will kill an awful lot more than 15,000 Americans.