Rivalries quite often erupt into long posting battles derailing threads,
forcing the other users to navigate a wall of noise to read the actual topic

But how about next time
you say ‘FIGHT ME’ @…
and then quote it/post it here in this thread, and maybe link to it

Just an idea, I promise I’ll read some of it… :smiley:

edit: btw NOT an instruction of course
there are no instructions here
or something

Its all just a huge misunderstanding.
Assange really is innocent, no matter what Drumphil says.
Bubba Wallace noose, maybe fake publicity?
Pride month is good to make awareness for gay rights. Gay people like Peter can live freely and celebrate their sexuality without persecution.
BTW Peter will be the first online forum SJW to win Noble peace price, congrats Peter bud.
Reaper breaks compatibilty? Maybe spent to much time virtue signalling then developing?
The modstapo on Cockos will probably unban Judders, but he will not join our new free speech platform.
Syd banned again, that must be a record. Somebody contact Guiness.

Thanks for that acknowledgement Fran, dunno what’s been “misunderstood” though.

Anyhoo maybe I should take my “noise” elsewhere, cheers

I hope you don’t leave Morgon.

I don’t think this was directed at you, I’ve got involved in the odd battle too. You’re one of the Lounge OGs man!!

easy Morgan
I purposely didn’t list names, we all do it sometimes
You’d be lucky to rate top 3 this month, just saying :smiley:

LOL … I’m straight by the way.

Now if you guys wanted a real fight club you shouldn’t have banned Syd.

Man Syd.
Is his ban temporarily?