Meh, the police are too easy a target. I don’t think a video about the crips, bloods or Russian mafia would have people asking the same “are men who like violent things really just repressing their homosexuality even though we’d never say that gay men who like violence are repressing their heterosexuality?” questions.

Although the real question left in my mind after watching those is what sheep can do to express affirmative consent? If a horse can kick you across a field whenever it feels like it, survival must mean consent was given, but with sheep it’s more of a wooly area. If we sent them to self defense classes they could learn to kick like horses, but if they got too into it they’d apparently turn into lesbians since violence is gay.

It’s a quandary.

With sheep you need a sturdy pair of Wellington boots. Agreed though.itsca a quandary.
Best gay movie ever though I thought :joy: